The Dark Order Reveals the Exalted One As…

Dark Order

The months’ long journey to this point has finally arrived as on Wednesday, All Elite Wrestling and the Dark Order revealed the Exalted One and his name is Brodie Lee.

As promised, the Dark Order arrived at the arena on Wednesday prepared to reveal their big surprise. Evil Uno began by cutting a promo saying the time had arrived for everyone’s eyes to open and that soon they would see what he saw. But before Evil Uno could reveal the Exalted One’s identity, Christopher Daniels interrupted, announcing he was sick of this. Sick that for three months the Dark Order was teasing this Exalted One. Daniels said he was sick of the lies by saying there was no Exalted One.

But then the moment happened. In a video that was absolutely perfect, Brodie Lee cut a fantastic promo introducing himself to the audience.

“I’d first like to state that the new rule of the Dark Order goes like this, we do what we want when we want,” Lee said while still under the guise of the voice changer. “If we come and knock on your door, you open that door and let the Dark Order in. If you don’t, I personally will kick that door in and lead the dark order through it. I assure you you are not the first out of touch old man to not believe in me but I will make damn sure you are the last.”

With the potshot to Vince McMahon, Lee ended his promo by making an in-ring appearance, kicking Daniels as the rest of the Dark Order attacked Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. While there was no audience to pop for the moment, MJF and Shawn Spears, who watched in the crowd alongside other members of the locker room, applauded Lee’s arrival.

A wrestling veteran of 16-plus years, Lee comes to AEW after spending parts of the last eight years as Luke Harper in WWE. As Harper, Lee won the Intercontinental Championship, SmackDown Tag Team Championships twice and the NXT Tag Team Championship once, as a member of the Wyatt Family. Now, Lee leads his own cult of followers and all signs point to his involvement being one that the AEW locker room won’t soon forget.

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