The NWA Powerrr Recap (2/11/20)

NWA Powerrr
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Welcome to the newly revamped NWA Powerrr recap, this time with a new face at the helm! In this column, we take a deep dive into NWA‘s flagship show, airing at 6:05 PM each Tuesday on YouTube, and discuss the various highlights from each week. This will be less of a by-the-numbers results article and more of an editorial piece. I will offer my thoughts regarding each highlight, which will hopefully make for a better reading experience.

Without any further ado, let’s take a deep dive into this week’s NWA Powerrr!

This week’s show opens with NWA World Tag Team Champions James Storm and Eli Desk joining Joe Galli and Stu Bennett at the desk. From there, we open with the following match.

Match 1: The Dawsons (w/The Pope) vs. The Bouncers (w/Eddie Kingston)

In this clash of big men, there was no shortage of power moves. The match starts with a test of strength in the form of an exchange of attempted takedowns. We also see an exchange of chops, the team from Ring of Honor getting the upper hand. Beer City Bruiser soon finds himself on the defensive against The Dawsons. They continue to keep the former ROH Tag Wars winner from his corner until he mounts a comeback, hitting a double clothesline. Brian Milonas gets the hot tag. On the outside, The Pope and Eddie Kingston look like they’re about to throw down. Milonas is hit with a double team powerbomb, but it’s only good for a two-count. The Bouncers hit the Blackout for the pinfall victory.

Post-match, Storm pours a series of bears into the nearby Crockett Cup trophy before he’s joined by Drake and The Bouncers. They even take turns drinking from the trophy, Drake opting to sip from his own container. Overall, this match was nothing to write home about from a technical standpoint. However, for those that enjoy good hoss fights featuring powerhouse wrestlers, this was very serviceable. It is a sight to behold to see someone as big as Beer City Bruiser, for example, land a top rope splash. Wrapping up the segment with the natural charisma of Storm and Drake was icing on the cake.

Galli interviews Thom Latimer, who’s joined by Kamille. Latimer will face Tim Storm later tonight. Latimer says can’t wait to beat the crap out of him. He follows up by saying that he and Royce Isaacs will regain the NWA World Tag Team Championship. In regard to Storm and Drake, he doesn’t even regard them as a real team. Furthermore, he is confident that Isaacs and Nick Aldis will defeat The Rock N’ Roll Express later tonight. Galli asks Kamille to share her thoughts. As is customary, she says nothing.

Match 2: Tim Storm vs. Thom Latimer (w/Kamille)

Thom Latimer begins the match aggressively until Tim Storm clotheslines him out of the ring. They exchange shoulder tackles, neither man backing down. Storm takes control, landing a backdrop. They continue to mouth off toward one another before Latimer hits a spear for a two-count. Latimer hits a short arm clothesline for another two-count. Storm shakes off a few solid hands, regaining control of the match before landing a neckbreaker. Latimer ends the match with the Brighter Side of Suffering DDT for the pinfall victory.

After the match, last week’s “Mama Storm” impersonator makes “her” way to the ring. Storm confronts this individual before slowly making his way to the back. In this writer’s opinion, there are few men in NWA that are as truly over as Storm. Thorough the match, he had the crowd behind him, Latimer being treated as the biggest villain at that moment. One can argue that the imposter “Mama Storm” stuff is needless comedy, but Storm’s straight man personality gives it enough levity to make it entertaining.

David Marquez interviews Trevor Murdoch, who demands a rematch against NWA National Champion Aron Stevens. Murdoch says that NWA is deserving of a fighting champion. He also says that Harley Race, his former mentor, would be ashamed of Stevens and The Question Mark. The latter interrupts, growling “The Mongrovian National Anthem” into the mic. There isn’t much to say about this segment, but between Murdoch’s passion and The Question Mark’s comedic value, it’s difficult to say this wasn’t entertaining.

NWA Powerrr cuts to Sean Mooney for an update. Mooney discusses the growing feud with Aldis and Marty Scurll, the latter vying for the former’s NWA World Heavyweight Championship. In response to Aldis’ challenge, Scurll puts up half a million dollars from his own account.

From here, NWA Powerrr plays a commercial featuring Nikita Koloff, who hypes “10/17/93.” This was the date he found religion; since then, he has traveled the world preaching the good word. He offers his contact information for those interested in “Koloff for Christ Ministries.”

Photo / National Wrestling Alliance

Match 3: Matt Cross vs. Ricky Starks (c) (NWA Television Championship)

Off one successful defense as Zicky Dice, Ricky Starks starts this match against Matt Cross in a technical fashion. The pace of the match is kept slow until Starks lands a quick basement dropkick. Cross counters a monkey flip and hits a pendulum backbreaker for a two-count. Dueling chants echo throughout the studio as Cross maintains control. Cross hits a handspring back elbow for another two-count. After an exchange of strikes, Cross lands a pump kick, covering the champion for another near-fall. After multiple exchanging attempts, Starks regains control with a suplex. Starks hits a tornado DDT for a two-count of his own. Cross lands the Cross Cutter, but before he can follow up, the time limit elapses.

Dice makes his way out, calling the match a “yawn-fest.” He addresses Starks, saying that unlike the champion, Dice finishes every time. It would seem as though these two are set for another match, which would make for an excellent time. The personalities of Starks and Dice are similar in that they aren’t short on confidence, though the champion is more reserved by comparison. Perhaps the biggest highlight is Cross, who had an excellent showing in this match. It would be a lie to say that he isn’t in the NWA Television Championship conversation.

NWA Powerrr cuts to an interview with Marti Belle, who says that Allysin Kay has lost everything due to Melina. Belle is offended by interviewer Kyle Durden‘s idea of Melina brainwashing her, calling herself a Latina lion. She also says that Kay doesn’t care about anyone. Kay approaches the podium to share her side of the story. The former NWA Women’s Champion says she cares about the fans and puts her body on the line for them. Kay is adamant that Melina is brainwashing Belle. She says that Melina simply wants to be champion. Kay tells Belle she’ll always be there for her. Upset, Belle storms to the back.

Photo / National Wrestling Alliance

Match 4: Melina vs. Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz tries to shake Melina’s hand. In response, Melina backs her into the corner before the forearms fly. Melina plants Steelz into the mat, headfirst, before kicking her abdomen. Melina stays on Steelz, a ferocious demeanor about her. Steelz fights back with multiple forearms before Melina hits a bulldog, following up with several punches. Once again, Steelz returns fire, hitting a series of forearms followed by a neckbreaker for a two-count. Melina plants Steelz with a DDT for a two-count of her own. Melina lands a big running clothesline and follows up with the Primal Scream for the win.

Post-match, Melina calls herself “THE living legend.” She also says that she will face Thunder Rosa, next week, for the NWA Women’s Championship. To say that this match will be interesting would be an understatement. Though the two of them formed a trio with Belle, it would seem that Melina’s focus was always on the title. While Melina remains vilified by the NWA audience, Rosa has slowly but surely gained more fan support. Belle may be the wildcard in this; what side, if any, will she take?

Photo / National Wrestling Alliance

Match 5: Royce Isaacs and Nick Aldis vs. The Rock N’ Roll Express

Before the match, Sal Rinauro is seen sitting in the crowd alongside May Valentine, Isaacs’ girlfriend. The match proper begins with Robert Gibson rolling up Isaacs for a two-count. Gibson maintains control with a series of takedowns before tagging Ricky Morton, the veteran team executing various maneuvers on the downed Isaacs. After scratching Gibson’s eyes, Isaacs tags Aldis. Gibson tags Morton, who hits a hurricanrana on the champion.

Aldis tags Isaacs, who is having difficulty gaining any offense in this match. After Morton is blindsided on the outside, Isaacs stays on him, hitting a back suplex for a two-count. Isaacs tags Aldis, who stays on Morton. Avoiding a corner splash, Morton tags Gibson while Aldis tags Isaacs. Gibson rolls up the defensive Isaacs for a two-count. Gibson suplexes Isaacs and drops Aldis from the top rope. Aldis breaks up a pin attempt. The match ends with Isaacs pinning Gibson, his feet on the rope behind the referee’s back. Valentine runs up to embrace Isaacs, who is not one bit pleased with Rinauro being with his girl.

Overall, this is a fine match to end this week’s edition of NWA Powerrr on. It seems like one of the major angles played in this match was Isaacs’ continued difficulty gaining momentum in matches. Not only did he struggle against Storm in singles competition, but it seemed like he was on the verge of defeat here until Aldis intervened. Rinauro is an unexpected fan favorite on NWA Powerrr and with Valentine being the catalyst of his feud with Isaacs, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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