UFC Fighters We Want to See in WWE

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There are plenty of stars from other sports who have tried their hand at wrestling. And the athletes who are in the best position to make the transition into the sport are, of course, MMA fighters. As Brock Lesnar proved to us before, making the change is a genuine possibility. But who from the current crop of UFC stars would we most like to see in the WWE ring? We’re glad you asked.

Cris Cyborg

The name, the aura, the sheer physicality, and, of course, that killer instinct – all suggest that Cris Cyborg was born to be a WWE fighter. There’s no other UFC fighter that we feel would make the transition from UFC to WWE without skipping a beat. She is a literal fighting machine and has the personality and confidence to back it up.

We reckon Cyborg could be the one wrestler who would have Becky Lynch thinking twice about her position as top dog in the ring. With a little work on her PR and a decent back story behind her, Cris Cyborg could dominate wrestling for years. Make it happen!

Conor McGregor

The Notorious Conor McGregor. Love him or hate him, you got to hand it to the Dubliner – he knows how to work the crowd and whip everyone up into a frenzy. If he’s not throwing stuff at buses, he’s causing havoc at press conferences. He seems to have quieted down a little in the last year but put him in the ring and we reckon that animal side to his personality will come back ten-fold.

McGregor rarely fights to a decision and it’s a brave fan that would wager on a fight ending in a draw in any of the UFC bouts. Win or lose, the guy is an animal and would bring that touch of wildness that we all love to see in the ring. Even if you don’t like him, wouldn’t you love to see him being taught a lesson in the ring?

Travis Browne

There’s no doubt that Browne is a quality fighter, but he did tail off for a while in the UFC and lost quite a few fights. He’s not up to much right now other than being the husband of Ronda Rousey. Yep, that’s right, Travis Browne is none other than Ronda’s partner.

So can you guess where we’re going with this? We’ve had plenty of superstar ring couples, but you can never have too much romance in the ring. Think about it. Rousey and Browne in the ring together. Two former UFC fighters taking on the world of wrestling. What could go wrong?

Daniel Cormier

The talks have already taken place and this is one move that looks odds on to happen once Cormier hangs up his mitts. Are we excited? Hell yes. Cormier has everything needed to be one of the best in the ring. He’s into his 40s now and looks set to retire by the summer, but there’s plenty of fight left in this not-so-old dog.

The man also has an Olympic background in amateur wrestling and has the personality to deal with fans and work a story. We’re waiting with bated breath for this one to happen. What we’re unsure of, however, is just how the fans will react to Cormier. Will they love him or hate him? As clean-living as he was, UFC fans booed him on several occasions, opting to support the bad guy opponent. Will the same happen in WWE?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

She calls herself Joanna Champion and it’s not an undeserved moniker. The Polish UFC fighter ranks as #4 in the strawweight division and is a former world champion. She has confidence and charisma in spades to such a degree that some might call her arrogant. Sounds like she could be the perfect fit for the ring.

She has a certain aura about her that reminds us of McGregor, but without the nasty streak. A popular figure in the UFC, she would no doubt have fans in their thousands supporting her in the WWE. Ronda Rousey has proven that UFC women can make the transition once they have the right attitude and if there’s one thing Joanna doesn’t lack, it’s an attitude. Will it happen? It’s probably more likely than Cris Cyborg.

ufc wwe
Credit: cdn.pixabay.com

So there you have it. Five UFC stars that we would really love to see in the wee ring. Not only that, but they’re also the five stars that we reckon could actually make a career out of professional wrestling. Okay so McGregor is a little on the small side, but he’s some character. Over to you Vince McMahon.