Preview: MLW – Fightland 2020 (2/1/20)


Major League Wrestling brings “Fightland” to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA, on Saturday, February 1st. This is an absolutely loaded event, featuring international talent, championship matches, dream matches, and much more! Per usual, this event is a TV Taping and will air on MLW Fusion in the coming weeks.

Zenshi vs. El Lindaman 


El Lindaman is coming back to MLW, as all three members of Strong Hearts will be in action throughout the night. The other members have marquee matches, but this is still a test for El Lindaman as both men are looking to pick up a win. Zenshi is already 0-1 in 2020, and only has one singles victory in his run with MLW so far. El Lindaman has been getting a taste of the bigger stage, due to his appearances on AEW, most notably in a six-man tag at AEW’s Double or Nothing event. Lindaman and Strong Hearts came up short against Contra Unit back in New York, but all three members are coming to Philadelphia to make a statement, and hopefully even walk out with gold.

Mance Warner vs. Gino Medina 

Mance Warner is coming off of the highest rated episode of MLW Fusion in history, that being headlined with his “No Ropes Barbed Wire” fight against Jimmy Havoc. Ol’ Mancer got the victory in that contest, and probably won’t ever be the same. Gino Medina is continuing his undefeated streak in MLW, as he just defeated Septimo Dragon last month. It would’ve been smart for Mance Warner or Jimmy Havoc to take a month off, but that is not what either competitor lives by. They’re both back in action here at Fightland, and Gino Medina will be looking to shock the world with a victory over a wounded Mance Warner.

Injustice (Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil) vs. Puma King and Gringo Loco 


Gringo Loco has been mixing it up against Injustice for months now, but seemingly always comes out on the losing end. Back in July, Gringo Loco and Airwolf defeated the duo of Kotto Brazil and Myron ReedPuma King has teamed with Gringo Loco before, that being at Superfight, when those two joined forces with Septimo Dragon, but fell short to Injustice. Gringo Loco is looking for redemption against Injustice, and hopes Puma King can help him seal the deal, and end things against Injustice once and for all.

MLW Middleweight Championship: Myron Reed (c) vs. Arez

Myron Reed continues his dominant run as Middleweight Champion, as he defeated Drago to start the year. Arez will be making his MLW debut in Philadelphia, this being just one of the many talents from AAA that will appear at MLW events this year. Arez is described as not only speedy, but full of technique, and is one of AAA’s brightest stars heading into the new decade. Reed could be in trouble if he comes in overconfident, something that has affected Injustice in the past.

Low Ki vs. King Mo w/Dan Lambert 


Even at 40 years old, Low Ki continues to perform at high levels, and is working his way back up the ranks in MLW. Sadly for him, he’s faced with the test of taking on none other than King Mo. King Mo is looking to shock the world in 2020, as he has his sights set on gold in MLW. He isn’t taking this opportunity lightly, hence him bringing in Dan Lambert to be his cornerman. Both of these competitors are knockout specialists, so don’t be surprised to see punches flying in this one, as this is guaranteed to be a much different style than the rest of the card.

Lumberjack Match: Contra Unit vs. Los Parks 

For the first time in MLW history, a Lumberjack Match will be taking place. The saga between LA Park and Contra Unit has escalated so much that other members of the MLW roster need to surround the ring, making sure all four of these competitors stay in the ring and there is a definitive winner. LA Park hasn’t competed in MLW since losing a World Heavyweight Championship match to Jacob Fatu back at Superfight, but he’s coming to Philly looking for a fight, and will be doing so alongside his son.

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jimmy Havoc 


When thinking about which match could steal the show, there are a ton of options, but this has to be one of the front-runners. For the first time ever, Brian Pillman Jr. will be taking on the violent Jimmy Havoc. Brian Pillman Jr.’s momentum came to a halt when he couldn’t defeat Jacob Fatu for the World Heavyweight Championship last month, but Jimmy Havoc also suffered a big loss last month. This match is not only big due to it being a first time ever encounter, but both men are looking for a rebound win to set them back on track in 2020.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Erick Stevens 

Last month, Erick Stevens proved that he is no joke, and should not be taken lightly. Stevens defeated Douglas James in Dallas, but now has a huge step up in competition. Davey Boy Smith Jr. has been on a winning streak since winning the Opera Cup in December. Both men aren’t afraid to trade blows, but also aren’t afraid to keep it on the mat. This is a very intriguing matchup, which will see one man’s momentum be put to a halt.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. T-Hawk 


T-Hawk has only had one appearance in MLW, but his standout performance against Contra Unit earned himself an Openweight Championship match. T-Hawk is about as national as it gets, having successful performances in China, Japan, and Mexico. Alex Hammerstone is no easy opponent for T-Hawk, as Hammerstone is looking to successfully defend his Openweight Championship for an eighth time. It’s called the “National Openweight Championship” for a reason, due to international dream matches like this.

Killer Kross vs. Tom Lawlor

These two have met once before, that being late last year at Warrior WrestlingKiller Kross is fresh off his release from IMPACT! Wrestling, and he’s free to go wherever he wants, and do whatever he wants. Ever since Tom Lawlor lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Jacob Fatu Lawlor has defeated the likes of Timothy Thatcher and Davey Boy Smith Jr. It was Lawlor himself who asked for this match, and on February 1st in Philly, Lawlor and Kross will face off in nothing short of a fight.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu w/Josef Samael (c) vs. CIMA 

CIMA is about an experienced as a veteran can get. He’s traveled the world, won multiple championships, and continues to perform at the highest level possible, not missing a beat against these young competitors. Jacob Fatu has been absolutely unstoppable in MLW, and he certainly has an advantage in size against CIMA. The interactions between CIMA and Fatu had the MLW audience craving more, and that’s exactly what will happen in Philly. CIMA needs to dig down deep, and use his experience to stay in the fight, but will it be enough to defeat the unstoppable monster?

This card also features a Prizefight Challenge from Dominic Garrini, MLW World Tag Team Champions, The Von Erichs making their Philadelphia debut, an appearance from Konnan, among others!

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