Preview: OTT Contenders – Take Me To Your Leader (2/1/20)

Take Me To Your Leader

OTT runs it’s first Dublin show of the decade with a good looking Contenders lineup.  We are firmly on the road to ScrapperMania so every match counts and a good showing at Take Me To Your Leader could earn someone a spot on the stadium show.

Sammy D vs Justin Daniels

Take Me To Your Leader

Justin Daniels is just the latest in the production line over at Fight Factory Pro Wrestling. The teenager has impressed on FFPW shows and has more than earned a spot on these contenders shows.  One man who has something to say about that is Sammy D.  The former Gymnasties man isn’t very happy being passed up by young guys that he doesn’t think can lace his boots.  His quest to prove he is the best Contender starts with Daniels but the youngster could snatch a win if D isn’t careful

Sean Guinness vs Cara Noir

Guinness and the Tru Pros were impressed by Cara Noir and so paid for his flights to come face and lose to Guinness.  Sounds a bit cocky no? Noir only has one win from his three OTT matches but is the new PROGRESS World Champion so he isn’t to be underestimated.

B Cool vs Omari vs Scotty Davis

Take Me To Your Leader

After another incident where Cool decided to visit Joe Cabray’s office a fan vote was set up to determine B’s opponent for Take Me To Your Leader.  Omari won the vote by 1% so Cabray decided to book a triple threat match to ensure maximum punishment for B. Cool.  This also gives Omari and Davis a chance to renew their grudge from the last Contenders show where their NLW title match ended in a double DQ.

True Pros (Michael May & Liam Royal) vs Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs) vs More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

The undefeated True Pros take on the number on contenders and the debuting Young Guns in tag team action.  Jacobs and Allen have been making waves in the UK thanks to their excellent matches both as a team and as singles competitors.  They face a tough task in one of Ireland’s best tag teams and the seemingly unbeatable duo of May and Royal.  With MTH heading for a tag title match (eventually) they should get the win here but we could also see May or Royal steal a win here.

Mark Haskins vs Session Moth Martina

Take Me To Your Leader

An ROH vs ROH matchup here as Haskins takes on Martina.  These two were meant to have a match in OTT previously but it was cancelled due to flight issues on Martina’s end.  Now we have another chance to see this one.  This is Martina’s first Irish date since her Stardom tour so the fans will be rooting for the Session Moth to come away with a win.  Haskins is pissed off after losing his GN title to Adam Maxted and he wants to take it out on Martina.

David Starr vs LJ Cleary

This is sure to be interesting.  David Starr is the OTT Champion and he has the crowd in the palm of his hands.  They love him, then they hate him and then he charms them back to his side with his promos.  Whatever effect he has on the audience it will be interesting to see how the crowd responds here.  LJ Cleary was made on these Contenders shows, it was here that the Contenders crowd saw him win his first title in OTT, it was here that people saw him become one of the biggest fan favorites in the company, he is synonymous with Contenders and it’s hard to see the crowd siding against him here.  With that said Starr made the crowd turn on Mike Bailey, a big favorite of the OTT fans, so nothing is out of the question.  This isn’t a title match, Cleary has requested an opportunity at the OTT title but Starr has yet to respond.  The match is almost secondary here the real interest comes from seeing Starr write the next chapter of his storyline which has engrossed the audience for months now.

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