(Spoiler) New PROGRESS Champion At Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Dalmations

PROGRESS Chapter 101 Dalmations was originally supposed to see Eddie Dennis defend his championship against Cara Noir.  Unfortunately. Dennis is injured and has had to vacate the championship.  He tried to give the title to his friend Mark Andrews but instead, PROGRESS put the title on the line in their main event.

The main event ended up being Cara Noir vs Ilja Dragunov, who beat Andrews vs Kyle Fletcher, who beat LJ Cleary vs Paul Robinson, who beat A-Kid.  The elimination match came down to Cara Noir and Ilja Dragunov who got to reignite their recent feud.  Cara Noir emerged victorious to win the PROGRESS World Championship just four months after making his debut as part of the Natural Progression Series.

The Black Swan of British Wrestling had a fantastic 2019, making himself one of the biggest names in the scene thanks to his captivating entrance and a buzzworthy match with PAC in Riptide Wrestling.  Noir was all set to have a big 2020 and has kicked it off in the best way possible by winning the PROGRESS title at Chapter 101.

For PROGRESS this gives them a chance to really freshen up the title picture as the title has been held by NXT UK contracted talent for a year now.  Noir is as indie as they come and will be unrestricted in who he can defend against.  He’s also a much fresher face than either WALTER or Eddie Dennis

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