Details Of NOAH Buyout Revealed During Press Conference

Daisuke Harada Heavyweight
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News recently broke that Cyberagent, DDT’s Parent company bought out Pro Wrestling NOAH. With a press release released by DDT’s president Sanashiro Takagi along with a press conference. Some light has been shed onto some further details of this.

The first thing touched on was the naming of Sanshiro Takagi as President of NOAH. He promised he would not touch the in-ring product of Pro Wrestling NOAH. Instead, choosing to leave it to the EVP of Naomichi Marafuji and Executive Officer Yuhiro Takeda. Only sharing back offices for efficiency.

It was also touched upon that one to two NOAH shows a month will be aired live on DDT’s streaming service. And while it is up to the talent about exchanges. The two companies are immediately eager to get things going on the right foot. With Pro Wrestling NOAH promised to appear at DDT Peter Pan. But the two companies also will share a pair of shows at Ryogoku Sumo Hall.

The final thing was about how and why this happened. And that boiled down to while NOAH was growing they still were in some financial difficulties. And the president at the time Takeda and Takagi spoke about NOAH’s strategies. This discussion turned into working together. And then became what happened yesterday. Takagi holds the belief that saving NOAH will benefit the industry. While NOAH management holds the goal of one day reaching the Budokan and the Dome once again.

When questioned on a merger other promotions under the DDT umbrella such as Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling or Ganbare Pro were used as a comparison. Noting that both have different fans and different purposes. They’ll only share the assets in the office. This mentality demonstrated the best when the president of CyberAgent, Susumu Fujita said: “Variation gives breath to our content”.

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