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Best Of DDT is our new series focusing on one of Japan’s top companies Dramatic Dream Team Pro Wrestling, commonly known as just DDT, the company has a reputation worldwide as a wacky, comedy company but it houses some of the world’s best talents.  This edition focuses on DDT’s ace HARASHIMA

The most appropriate place to start would be HARASHIMA who debuted in 2001 under the name “HERO!”, he wrestled in DDT every year without missing a single year. His active status makes him one of the longest-tenured stars of the promotion. But on top of that, he is the ace of DDT.


Under the HERO! name he had minor success most notably winning both the KO-D Tag Titles and the now-defunct Jiyugaoka 6 man tag titles. But he wouldn’t get his first taste of singles gold until 2006. Then he became HARASHIMA and fought his former DISASTER BOX ally in Toru Owashi to claim the KO-D Openweight title. Ever since then he has been a top star ended up holding the title a record 10 times. He also holds the record for most combined days as champion, and most defenses as champion. He also lays claim to winning major tournaments in DDT such as King of DDT twice. But also standing tall as the winner of a three company tournament between BJW, K-Dojo, and DDT.


Going further on to 2015, HARASHIMA had another standout moment as Hiroshi Tanahashi would go to DDT. HARASHIMA and Tanahashi would have an ace vs ace match. Tanahashi would win the singles match. Though a tag match later in the year would be won by DDT.

It should be noted that Tanahashi was the younger of the two during that feud. At 45 years old, HARASHIMA may be looking to slow down. In 2017 he lost to the younger Konosuke Takeshita arguably handing off the reins to a younger generation. His 2018 and 2019 was mostly consisting of his chase and reigns of the Extreme Title. A title that he had only held once prior in 2014.

At DDT’s show on Mania weekend named Coming to America. HARASHIMA was on the winning end of a triple threat tag. However, around the latter half of the year, things began to turn around. After a very chaotic summer with the Extreme title, HARASHIMA unseated Tetsuya Endo to earn his fourth reign. He would hold this title until Ultimate Party wherein he had a title vs title match against KO-D champion Konosuke Takeshita. There he would regain the KO-D for the 10th time. His second time to hold both belts at the same time.

He currently defends both belts and on the 26th of January, he will be defending the KO-D belt against D-Ou Grand Prix winner Masato Tanaka. The winner will take on MAO on the 23 of February. As for the Extreme title, Pokotan looks to be next in line for a shot on the 12th of January.

Though to go back to the beginning point, HARASHIMA has been wrestling with DDT for his entire 18-year career. Whether under the HERO! name or the HARASHIMA name if you turn on a show by DDT. HARASHIMA will be on the screen willing to impress as the ace of DDT. A talented pillar not only of DDT but possibly of the Japanese wrestling scene as a whole.

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