HIRO’e Announces Retirement

Photo: ShuPro

There is an old saying that bad things come in threes.  Just one day after Hazuki had her final match Kagetsu announced her retirement.  On that same day though Pro Wrestling WAVE’s HIRO’e announced her intentions to retire.

HIRO’e will retire on August 16th 2020.  According to Shigeo, a very helpful account that translates Japanese promos, she aims to become a bonesetter after her retirement.

HIRO’e debuted as Hiroe Nagahama in 2015 and at 24-years old represented the only real hope for WAVE’s future.  With her retirement and there being no other WAVE trainees currently active, the core WAVE roster is made up of older women like Sakura Hirota (41), Yuki Miyazaki (40) and owner Yumi Ohka (40).  29-year old Nagisa Nozaki will have more pressure than ever to become a big player for WAVE but she already has 13 years of wear and tear on her body.

WAVE has failed to set the world on fire ever since the company’s reboot in early 2019 and it is sad to see that a company that used to be the pinnacle of the scene is now mostly irrelevant and without a clear future direction.  While HIRO’e was unlikely to become a major star she represented some hope for WAVE’s future that looks more and more uncertain as time goes on.

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