SmackDown Highlights – ‘Fun House’ Wyatt Takes Out The Miz (12/6/19)


After a troubling Monday Night Raw that produced just one segment of actual entertainment, it was time for SmackDown. Could the blue brand take advantage of FOX and be a better show? Following the happenings last week between “The Fiend” and Daniel Bryan, there was some hope. Let’s check out the highlights.

Bray Wyatt Leaves “The Fiend” Behind, Uses Family To Attack The Miz

SmackDown kicked off with The Miz hosting MizTV. And on that very show, he announced to the world that Daniel Bryan has gone missing since being attacked last week and will no longer be his guest on the show. Soon enough, the Firefly Fun House music would play and Bray Wyatt would be placing the photo of Daniel Bryan on his wall as he laughed along. He was saddened that “The Fiend” could no longer play with Bryan at TLC next weekend. Then he would ask The Miz if he wanted to play. Miz said no before it would be revealed that the word of the week is “Family” by Rambling Rabbit. Bray said he used to have family as a video of the Wyatt Family appeared, including Daniel Bryan. Then Bray went to the next level, showing a picture of The Miz with his family. This led Miz storming to the back.

The angered family man was on the phone with his wife Maryse saying he was on his way home and to make sure to lock the doors. As he was heading out of the arena, Miz saw the red light in a room which lured him there. He grabbed a picture which was the same photo from earlier, but it was Bray this time holding one of his kids. “Say cheese” was then heard, as “Fun House” Bray laid out The Miz with a Sister Abigail. It was then made official that not “The Fiend”, but the Universal Champion Bray Wyatt would be taking on The Miz at TLC. A unique strategy by Wyatt here, who will wrestle under his “Mr. Rogers” persona for the first time.

That’s it. Two shows in a row and just two highlights total to show for it. A shame, but at least this Bray Wyatt stuff continues to be the best thing going on SmackDown. It’s hard to believe that the centerpiece of SmackDown is Roman Reigns, yet he is being wasted with Baron Corbin and dog food. A shame, again. Let’s hope Raw can get back on its feet this week.

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