Natalya States Wrestler 2 Coming Featuring Jason Momoa (UPDATE)

UPDATE, DECEMBER 7: After all the buzz late in the week of a potential Wrestler 2 film due to Natalya’s comments on this week’s Total Divas, Natalya has come forth to contend that she found out after the filming she was a victim of catfishing and it wasn’t the real Jason Momoa.

In an extra clip from this past week’s Total Divas, WWE Superstar Natalya dropped the news that she has been approached to appear in The Wrestler 2, a sequel to the 2008 sleeper hit The Wrestler, from director Daren Aranofsky and starring Mickey Rourke. The Wrestler became one of the year’s most popular films and resurrected Mickey Rourke’s acting career, garnering an Oscar nod for Best Actor and taking home the same award at The Golden Globes.

The Wrestler painted a painfully accurate picture of the trials and tribulations of former 80s stars trying to navigate the indie scene after working stadiums and tens of thousands of fans, but the ending pretty much left off with Rourke’s Randy The Ram putting his body on the line once again after being told it could mean his life.

“Yesterday Bret (Hart) got a call from this guy about being in a new movie that they’re making called The Wrestler 2. And I didn’t know until I googled him, but he’s actor Jason Momoa…So this morning I talked to Jason. He wants me to star in the movie with him. He wants me to be his ex-lover,” she told her castmates in the clip. “Once I found out who Jason Momoa is, I’m like, ‘this is pretty cool.’ He’s a really big star. He’s an actor who has been on Game of Thrones, he was in that movie Aquaman. So, the fact that he is now interested in having me in the movie is huge!”

The Wrestler featured plenty of actual wrestlers in its film, including WWE’s R-Truth and Cesaro, plus former WCW Superstar Ernest “The Cat” Miller and many other stars like Jay Lethal, Nigel McGuinness, Necro Butcher, and AEW’s Chuck Taylor.

Whether the film is still going to happen (the scene was taped months ago) is still going ahead is yet to be determined, but WWE also mentioned it on their official website. While it sounds like it could be direct to DVD type of movie, Mamoa’s stock has definitely exploded since his role of Aquaman proved to be DC’s biggest movie ever, garnering $1.148 billion worldwide.

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  1. Update: Natalya tweeted on the 5th and 6th that she was “catfished” by a person pretending to be Momoa, so this is not really happening. The Wrestler was a great movie, but I’m happy to let it stand on its own, without a sequel.

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