Raw Highlights Rundown – NXT TakeOver Continues (11/4/19)


Coming just two days after the best SmackDown in years where NXT tore down the house and left their mark with Adam Cole leading the way, Monday Night Raw was live from Long Island. Would NXT be on tap again after declaring war on the blue brand? What did Seth Rollins have to say as he lost his Universal Championship to “The Fiend“? And finally, Brock Lesnar becomes a Raw superstar in a matter of days as “The Beast” is on the hunt. Here is the best of the best from an up and down episode of Raw.

Shayna Baszler & Becky Lynch Go Face-To-Face

Becky Lynch was set for a sit-down interview with Charly Caruso and it delivered in a way people did not expect but definitely welcomed. Becky brought up how just a year ago, she was the one hunting, now this year she will be the hunted. She applauded the doings of Shayna Baszler on SmackDown when she took out Bayley, but very quickly was able to congratulate Shayna herself as Baszler would ask Caruso to leave and they would be face-to-face for the first time ever. Baszler got in her face and made it clear that while Bayley will be in their match in Survivor Series, she is focusing on taking out Becky. Becky wouldn’t stay quiet for long, making Shayna remember she beat Ronda Rousey, and she has no problem beating her friend next.

Baszler indicated she isn’t Ronda, with Bayley ending it saying she will learn who the real “Baddest Woman on the Planet” truly is. Buckle up, this is going to be fun for the fans. It was a year ago that Becky’s popularity hit the level that she would never come down from.

The Undisputed Era And NXT Bring The Fight To Raw


Seth Rollins was out on Raw to discuss his future after losing the Universal Championship to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and seemingly was lost, not knowing what’s next. And while he could have gone down the usual road and why he will come back better than ever blah blah blah. Thankfully, we didn’t get to that point and instead Triple H made his presence known by heading to the ring. Triple H talked about how their paths cross anytime Rollins does not know what is next, and usually, it leads to Triple H leading him in the direction of gold. Fast forward, Triple H had it come down to one thing, was Rollins with him and NXT, or against him?

The Undisputed Era stood on the apron as they were ready to attack if needed, but before Rollins could answer, The OC came out to stand up to the Undisputed Era. A battle broke down on the outside as Dominick Dijakovic and Damien Priest surprised The OC from behind, allowing the Undisputed Era to beat them down as well.

Following this, Rollins found Triple H in the hallway to tell him if he wants him in NXT, he is going in as another guy. He then indicated he is no Daniel Bryan, and if he gives him a shot at the NXT Championship, he would come back. So with that, it was on. Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole for the NXT Championship in the main event of Raw.

NXT Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs Seth Rollins

Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins. Certainly a match no one expected yet but appreciate to have. Could Rollins dethrone the champion? Or would Adam Cole continue to roll through some of the best both Raw and SmackDown have to offer and solidifying NXT as the elite brand? Back and forth the match would go, with Rollins setting up The Stomp multiple times but failing to find the solution to the match. Cole attempted the Panama City Sunrise but came up short.

As Rollins seemed to be closing in on the championship, the Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong came in and beat down Rollins, leading to The OC and the Raw locker room coming down. Quickly, NXT’s Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, and Pete Dunne among others came down and fought back. The final image for the night would be an over the top rope dive by Keith Lee, wiping out everyone at ringside. The best thing going is NXT vs everyone else.

RAW MVP: Rey Mysterio

Brock Lesnar kicked off Raw with Paul Heyman in toe to let the world know he is now a Raw superstar once again and the WWE Championship was coming with him. He was looking for Rey Mysterio and would not stop until he found him. Brock went rough shot through the back and eventually back in front of the live crowd as he even hit an F5 on commentator Dio Maddin when Dio stepped up for Jerry Lawler who Brock had threatened. As Brock stood at the top of the entranceway, Mysterio appeared with what seemed to be some type of pipe and nailed the champion in the back of the knee, leaving him unable to stand. Mysterio then grabbed the WWE Championship and smashed it off the skull of Brock before leaving to the back.

Mysterio would look into the camera in the back and let Brock know he is not only willing to stand up to him, but let him know he is ready for war after what he has done to his family. It will all go down at Survivor Series, as Mysterio laid down the challenge for the WWE Championship and that is what we will get. What a match that can be.

Raw comes in with another better than worse show as the war between NXT and the other brands continues on. Will it pour over to NXT on Wednesday night. It’d be shocking if there wasn’t. Survivor Series is building up to be the best show of the year.

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