Uncharted Territory Halloween Episode Recap (10/31/19)

Uncharted Territory

Last year started what could be what kicked off the idea behind Uncharted Territory. Beyond Wrestling decided to run on a Wednesday night on Halloween. They booked a fantastic card featuring Chris Dickinson dressed up as a grandma, Kris Statlander vs Matt Cross and the main event of G-Raver vs Nick Gage in a 10,000 thumbtack match. The card was fun and drew way more people than you would think would come out on a Wednesday. This year when Beyond announced it was moving to Thursday for season two because All Elite Wrestling was going to be on Wednesdays, Beyond announced it would be doing both a Halloween show and a Thanksgiving show.

Beyond pulled out all the Halloween tricks and treats it could including goblins, ghouls and a wrestler with no conscience. It all led to a fun show with an absolutely insane main event. 

Leyla Hirsch vs Jody Threat 

Uncharted Territory

Leyla Hirsch had a fantastic first season on Uncharted Territory. Her tag match against the Top Dogs with Kris Statlander is a must-see. Hirsch is certainly making a name for herself in 2019. She was set to face Jody Threat who is tearing things up in Canada and skated to the ring on a skateboard. This match between these two was hard-hitting. Threat used her skateboard but Hirsch tripped her up. They traded hard strikes and big german suplexes. The fun of a Halloween show is Pennywise walked into the venue midway through. Hirsch won with a huge moonsault. Hirsch is one of the most well-rounded wrestlers and she has it all; striking, highflying and suplexes. 

Thomas Santell vs Wheeler YUTA 

Uncharted Territory

If you have seen either of these two wrestle you know what to expect. These are two of the best technical wrestlers in the game. Waldo of “Where’s Waldo” fame was the ref for this match. Thomas Santell, dressed in a suit, made his way to the ring. Wheeler YUTA came to the ring as his former tag team partner, Hot Sauce Tracy Williams calling himself Hot Sauce Tracey Wheeler. This match was exactly what you imagined it and it was great. Two of the best technical wrestlers on the card going hold for hold with each other. Wheeler came off the top rope weird, hurting his leg. Santell attacked it. Thomas Santell was locked in a leg hold when he pulled the ref down to him and pulled YUTA by the hair. Wheeler put out his best effort but the knee kept coming back to hurt him. Wheeler ended up tapping out to a submission on the knee. 

Harlow O’Hara and The Batari vs Antony Greene and the Platinum Hunnies 

You know Anthony Greene loves wrestling nostalgia, so of course, for their costumes, Greene and the Platinum Hunnies came out as DX with Greene dressed as Chyna.  Next out were the first time team of The Batari and Harlow O’Hara, a team so spooky they could only come together on Halloween night. This match started goofy and Harlow O’Hara was not into so she back fisted both Platinum Hunnies in the face. The Batari took advantage of the Platinum Hunnnies but Greene took advantage with a crossbody and a superkick.  O’Hara ended the match that was fun but never really clicked with a Canadian destroyer (no seriously). 

Puf vs  Kevin Blackwood


The car full of Buffalo Boys coming to Beyond is always a good time. Puf already had the Beyond fans loving him when he lost to Brandon Thurston. So when he came back this week in his Halloween themed singlet, Beyond fans were stoked. Kevin Blackwood came out dressed as a spooky skeleton complete with Misfit’s t-shirt. He started the match by holding out a Rick Sanchez Funko Pop and offering it to Puf but instead smashed it. Kevin Blackwood then showed why he is one of the hardest hitters in wrestling. These two know each other so well they played off the strength and weaknesses of the other. Puf had the crowd losing it for him and has really put together an impressive body of work this season of Uncharted Territory. The match finished with Puf on the second rope trying to hit something and Kevin Blackwood trying to kick him off. Blackwood went for a sunset flip off to Puf and instead, Puf jumped down and sat on Blackwood. 

Team Tremendous vs The Bird and The Bee 

The Bird and the Bee made up of Willow Nightingale and Solo Darling are back in action. Solo Darling was one of the breakout stars from last season while her tag team partner was nursing an injury. They faced off against Team Tremendous who have yet to be defeated in season two of Uncharted Territory. The Bird in the Bee were the winners of the Women Wrestling Revolution’s Tournament for Tomorrow

Team Tremendous has gone through a character shift this past two seasons of Uncharted Territory. No longer do they want to be a funny tag team but instead serious wrestlers who come out to Alice Cooper and wear black metal font shirts, you know tough guys. So when The Bird and the Bee came out dressed as old Team Tremendous. Dan Barry and Solo Darling started this match off. Dan played with Solo trying to catch her off guard so Solo kicked him hard. If it wasn’t for the main event this would be one of the best matches on the card. Team Tremendous would cut off Williow Nightingale and work her over for a while. When Solo would finally get the tag she would nail everyone with kicks including hitting a DDT on Dan Barry using Bill Carr as leverage. Followed up by Solo Darling hitting a bulldog on Dan Barry from the apron to the outside. At one point Bill Carr uses Solo Darling as a weapon wrapped around his arm to beat down Willow. They finished things off shortly after that with riding saw, where Dan barry hit Solo with a moonsault neckbreaker off of Bill Carr’s shoulders. 

After the match, Dan Barry yelled over a booing crowd declaring Team Tremendous as Beyond’s tag team Aces by saying they have beaten every team on TV including ReDragon and the Young Bucks and every team Bear Country has ever beaten. 

Discovery Gauntlet: Nemesis (Matt Makowski) vs Tony Deppen


Tony Deppen has taken on some of the best wrestlers in the midwest since he took over Uncharted Territory attacking Matt Makowski and taking his spot to beat Daniel Garcia. Deppen looked unstoppable against everyone he was put up against. Until Nemesis greeted him outside the venue. Nemesis is a spooky luchador masked man who no one has ever seen wrestle. Tony Deppen in a backstage interview seemed off his game spooked by his new opponent. 

The sound of a gong provided the entrance for Nemesis, someone who wouldn’t look out of place in Chikara with his Venom-like mask. Except one of the first things he did once the bell rang was pull off the mask and show he was Matt Makowski. The former Bellator MMA fighter went right after Tony Deppen. The two went back and forth for a little while Deppen hitting the same shinning wizard that was able to put everyone else away in the Discovery Gauntlet but Makowski kicked out. Tony Deppen went for it again and Makowski saw it coming, hitting two big kicks and tossing Deppen up and into an armbar. Tony Deppen tapped and Matt Makowski is going on next week in the Discovery Gauntlet. 

Team Pazuzu (Pinkie Sanchez and Chris Dickinson)  vs Gaytanic Panic (Effy and Danhausen)

This would be the very first teaming of Effy and Danhausen, two of the biggest names on indie wrestling Twitter. They would be facing off against the undefeated team of Team Pazuzu. Pinkie Sanchez came out dressed as Danhausen. Danhausen came to the ring with a mason jar full of teeth. If you saw Effy vs Chris Dickinson from Game Changer Wrestling you know what to expect. Effy was really able to take Dickinson to the limit. Danhausen used his speed to show he was certainly worth the hype. Danhausen then started dancing and kicking his opponents to the song “Tequila.” This match really shined when Effy and Chris Dickinson were facing off. These two were should wrestle much much more. Pinkie did some Jesus stuff to bring Dickinson to life, because, you know, Halloween. 

Danhausen put teeth in Pinkie Sanchez’s mouth and super kicked him and it was gross. Pinkie was able to end the match with a moonsault to Danhausen. 

Danhausen will join his opponents next week as team Pazuzuhausen against Josh Briggs, Ava Everett and Anthony Greene

100,000 Thumbtacks Match: Nick Gage vs Mance Warner 

Uncharted Territory

Beyond doesn’t do deathmatches often but the few times a year they do, it is absolutely awesome. This match was supposed to be Nick Gage vs Shotzi Blackheart but Blackheart was pulled randomly. So returning early from a blown lung was Mance Warner. If you like thumbtack stuff and deathmatches you’ll like this match. It is a fun match, Nick Gage is the best American deathmatch wrestlers. Mance Warner is one of the best breakout stars from 2018 and also a very good deathmatch wrestler. The fans also got to be a part of this match by donating money to get more and more thumbtacks added to the amount ending in well over 100,000 thumbtacks. This also included a pumpkin covered in thumbtacks and a baseball bat covered in thumbtacks. Both will end up being used in the match. The tacks were broken up into multiple separate plastic pumpkin candy containers people use to trick or treat. These two got right after it. Both sitting in across from each other and slapping the other in the face.  Gage stomped on Warner’s hands pounding it into the tacks. At different points, both wrestlers poured thumbtacks over the other. Warner shoved thumbtacks in Gage’s mouth. Nick Gage poured tacks over himself. Tacks were sticking out of both men. Gage finished things off by piledriving Warner through the door onto the thumbtack pumpkin.

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