PREVIEW: Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) – End Game (11/9/19)

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This weekend all of the tension and hostilities which have been building throughout Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) in 2019 come to a head at the final show of the year, End Game.

In the world championship scene three of the company’s most revered competitors square off for the most prestigious prize in Aussie wrestling.

In the women’s division, the newly crowned inaugural champion defends her title for the first time. Simultaneously a brand new competitor will get the opportunity to establish herself in MCW.

The Intercommonwealth title picture also throws up an exciting affair with a world-renowned competitor challenging a founding member of MCW.

The MCW Tag Team division will see two new challengers gunning for the record-setting champions.

Finally, the Bullet Club is set to invade! Last month Gino Gambino shockingly returned to MCW to attack Will Ospreay. Afterward, Gambino put MCW on notice that he would be bringing the rest of his Bullet Club buddies to wage war in 2020. This weekend the first foray begins when Gambino is joined by Bad Luck Fale. Although their plans are as yet unknown Ospreay’s Birds Of Prey partner and fellow CHAOS member Robbie Eagles better be wary.

Let’s break it all down in more detail ahead of the show.

MCW Tag Team Championship: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) (c) vs Jett Rouka & Jordan vs Last Of A Dying Breed (Mike Burr & Ritchie Taylor)

Fresh off a debut tour of the UK with Ring Of Honor (ROH) the MCW tag team champions are returning home to a very stiff challenge. In order to retain their titles, The Brat Pack will have to overcome the high-flying team of Jett and Jordan. But that’s not all, this match will also feature a brand new tag team on the scene in the form of the Last Of A Dying Breed.

The pairing of the veteran Mike Burr with the younger version of himself Ritchie Taylor has seemingly been a long time in the making. Early on in his MCW career ‘Smash Mouth’ Ritchie Taylor came up against the bruising Burr. During said encounter, Taylor quickly earned the respect of the veteran by showing incredibly gritty and toughness as the pair brutalized each other. Now as a unified force they could very well bash their way through the entire tag team division and become a dominant force.

Lena Kross vs Avary

End Game

Although she was unsuccessful in her quest to be crowned the inaugural MCW Women’s Champion Avary is still one of the top women in the company. This weekend she will look to prove that again by sending the debuting Lena Kross home defeated.’

For Lena Kross, this is her first foray into MCW as she is based in Perth, Western Australia. Over on the west coast of the country, Kross has been dominating the competition. As such she is now beginning to spread her wings and venture interstate as she searches for worthy competition.

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Danny Psycho (c) vs Hartley Jackson

Last month Hartley Jackson abruptly inserted himself into the Intercommonwealth Title picture.

At the conclusion of last month’s fantastic Intercommonwealth Championship match, the respect between Danny Psycho and Jett was clear to see. Unfortunately, the disgruntled Jackson would ruin the occasion by attacking Psycho.

Whilst this move was entirely uncalled for it has certainly reignited Jackson’s wrestling career in MCW. According to reports, Jackson has now left his role as a trainer in NXT in order to refocus on his in-ring career and he has obviously set his sights immediately on the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

Robbie Eagles vs Emman The Kid

End Game

For the first time since April Robbie Eagles will be performing in an MCW ring.

Eagles has spent much of this past year focusing on commitments with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). Most notably competing in Best Of Super Juniors and Super Junior Tag League. This weekend though he sets his sights on a man he has previously crossed paths with elsewhere.

At last month’s CW Nine Emman ‘The Kid’ had a very successful debut performance. Having impressed many in his clash with Jett and Royce Chambers he has earned a shot against perhaps Australia’s best.

These men have previously squared off against each other twice before. So they will know each other quite well, which should make for a very competitive, high-paced, back and forth encounter.

Potential show stealer!

MCW Women’s Championship – No Holds Barred: Steph De Lander (c) vs Kellyanne

Last month Steph De Lander was crowned the first-ever MCW Women’s Champion after winning a gruelling tournament. However, some have called into question the validity of her victory given the methods she chose to employ.

De Lander would opt to attack Kellyanne following Kellyanne’s victory over second-round opponent Jessica Troy. In doing so, Kellyanne entered into the final against De Lander weakened and ultimately unable to overcome the ‘Python Powerhouse’.

Given these underhanded tactics, a disgruntled Kellyanne has requested that the rematch between the two ladies be No Holds Barred. A request which MCW management have chosen to grant.

Will the outcome be different this time around? Will the Python Powerhouse once again constrict her opponent with sheer force or will Kellyanne defang the snake?

MCW World Championship: Slex (c) vs Dowie James vs Adam Brooks 

End Game

At New Horizons in August Slex and Adam Brooks were in the midst of an incredible one on one match, which would have gone down in the annuls of MCW history. That was until the judas Dowie James chose to stick his nose into the match right as Brooks was on the verge of victory.

By interfering in that match Dowie James spoiled a match between two men who’s rivalry dates all the way back to 2013. For Brooks capturing the MCW World Championship feels like his destiny, so for James to spoil that was heartbreaking.

However, for James, he seemingly couldn’t care less. Following his interference, James had harsh words for MCW’s management, talent, fans, and Adam Brooks in particular.

“He [Adam Brooks] isn’t doing it for you people. He’s doing it for himself and his buddy. He’s watched people like Murphy, Jonah Rock and Elliot Sexton win this [the MCW World Title] and cash in the credibility that it affords them to go onto ‘bigger and better things’”

James explained that he is sick of people using MCW as a stepping stone and hurting MCW in the process. As such, he is looking to capture the MCW World Championship so that he can return MCW to its glory.

Will Brooks finally fulfil his destiny this weekend? Or will James take control of MCW once again?

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