The NXT UK Recap (10/17/19)

This week’s episode of NXT UK marked the one year anniversary of the episodes beginning to air on the WWE Network, and boy did they come out with a banger. Main evented with an NXT UK Tag Team Championships defense, things were destined to be great on this installment of WWE‘s Thursday night delight.

Pure Gallus

Photo: WWE

In the evening’s main event, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster made the first defense of their NXT UK Tag Team Championships against Gallus members Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, a match that the Welsh lads started off in quick fashion with stereo somersault planchas. However, things would take a sour turn when Wolfgang rammed Mark Andrews’ head straight into a ring post, allowing the Glaswegian powerhouses to easily dismantle Flash Morgan Webster en-route to an enzuigiri/powerslam combination that saw Gallus become the third NXT UK Tag Team Champions in history. A pure Gallus moment.

Always Watching

Photo: WWE

Ilja Dragunov returned to in-ring competition for the first time since losing to Cesaro at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff as he battled the man he was scheduled to face two weeks ago, Saxon Huxley. Seeing as Ilja was still slightly injured that week, Saxon instead went toe to toe with Imperium‘s Alexander Wolfe, with Wolfe standing tall (obviously). Now, Wolfe made his presence felt during this match as he stood by the entranceway, and watched on as Ilja put Saxon away with his Torpedo Moscow finisher. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel made their entrance following the bout, appearing to be about to pounce on Ilja but instead headed straight into the ring for their bout as Wolfe headed backstage with Dragunov in tow. The big question right now is whether or not Ilja Dragunov will join forces with the WALTER-led gang.

Imperium Stand Tall

Photo: WWE

Instead of battering Ilja Dragunov, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel went into action opposite The Hunt pairing of Wild Boar and The Primate. This was a highly competitive contest, as you’d expect from two teams of this nature. Aichner and Barthel used power and tactics to overcome their adversaries, whereas Boar and Primate relied on their speed to easily down their European opponents. Fabian and Marcel very nearly picked up a victory following their spinebuster/penalty kick combination, with The Hunt almost getting the three count with a double diving headbutt. Eventually though, it would be the European Bomb that handed a victory to Aichner and Barthel as Imperium once again stood tall over their opponents.

Who Is The True Ace?

Photo: WWE

If you’ve been following Jordan Devlin‘s NXT UK career (well, just his career in general really), you’ll be aware he enjoys calling himself The Irish Ace. But he doesn’t just think he’s the best wrestler from Ireland, and he also doesn’t just think he’s the best wrestler in the NXT UK locker room – he thinks he’s the best wrestler on the planet. Devlin claimed that there wasn’t anyone backstage who could stand eye to eye with him and call him a liar, just as Dave Mastiff made his way down to ringside. Devlin attempted his Devil Side Suplex on the larger Mastiff, but was instead laid out by The Bomber. Things are getting heated between these two, with both eyeing up the WWE United Kingdom Championship held by WALTER.

Shock Victory

Photo: WWE

Nina Samuels was in action this week as she took on Xia Brookside in what many (your writer included) could’ve rightly assumed would be nothing more than a squash victory for Samuels. Well, Xia proved us all wrong as she would instead pick up the victory as she defeated Nina to put a tick in the win column. A belated birthday gift for Brookside as she picks up her fourth televised victory.

What Else?

In addition to all of this, Piper Niven would thank Rhea Ripley for her assistance last week in dealing with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert with The Nightmare claiming that she doesn’t like The Babe of Brutality, but they both have a common enemy. Plus, a promotional video was aired that showed a new face coming soon to the NXT UK roster – one half of Spain’s Team WhiteWolf, A-Kid.

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