Kishin Liger Answers Minoru Suzuki’s Challenge in Kobe

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Earlier this week, Minoru Suzuki unmasked and disrespected New Japan legend Jushin Thunder Liger, who is set to retire this January at Wrestle Kingdom 14. But post-match, he declared while he wanted to face the man in singles competition, he didn’t want “the bastard under the mask”. Suzuki wanted the real Liger, the man under the mask. It was assumed that the villanous Suzuki wanted Liger’s more aggressive persona, Kishin Liger, who was last seen in 2012 – incidentally against Suzuki-gun, when he teamed with Tiger Mask against TAKA Michinoku & Taichi.

Photo: NJPW

At Sunday’s Destruction in Kobe, Liger gave Suzuki his answer. During their 8-man tag match that saw Suzuki-gun face Liger alongside Hiroshi Tanahashi, Rocky Romero, and Tiger Mask IV, Liger took a moment to unmask and disrobe, revealing the painted demon, Kishin Liger underneath. Kishin Liger proceeded to mist Suzuki and the referee, before going after Suzuki with a knife.

Now that Kishin Liger has been unleashed once again from within Jushin Thunder Liger and answered Minoru Suzuki’s challenge, the next question is when? Does the showdown happen at Wrestle Kingdom 14 in January or before hand?

Photo: NJPW

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