(Spoiler) Winner of Stardom’s 2019 5STAR Grand Prix

2019 5STAR Grand Prix
Photo: Stardom

After a gruelling tournament which featured not one, but two injuries, as well as a late change in participants, Hana Kimura has emerged as the winner of the 2019 5STAR Grand Prix after defeating Konami to win the GP for the first time.

Kimura emerged as the winner of the stacked Red Stars block which featured talents like Mayu Iwatani and Momo Watanabe after a tense final day.  Kimura’s opponent, fellow Tokyo Cyber Squad member, Konami emerged as winner of the Blue Stars block which lost two participants to injury leaving Konami without a block match on the final day but needing Jamie Hayter to slip up.  Hayter drew with Priestley which crowned Konami winner of the Blue Stars block.

Since their formation at the annual Stardom draft Tokyo Cyber Squad has shaken up the company giving Kimura, Konami and Kyona the opportunity to step up, and step up they have, Konami reached the final of both Cinderella Tournament and 5STAR, while also capturing two titles, Kimura is now the 5STAR holder and captured the Artist Of Stardom title, Kyona managed to finally get a win over Utami Hayashishita while winning the Goddesses Of Stardom championships.  Without doubt TCS have been successful in the ring and are popular outside of the ring with success now coming to it’s main three in spades.

Kimura is always someone that was seen as a potential star, she is a second-generation performer and was a key part of Oedo Tai when it was at it’s most popular but the fact that she was signed to Wrestle-1 put a ceiling on her push.  Ever since committing full time to Stardom we have seen Kimura get the push she deserved as the leader of TCS and now as the winner of the 2019 5STAR Grand Prix.

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