The Merch Table: September 2021


If you’re a long time reader of LWO Pro Wrestling, you may have heard of a series called “The Merch Table” before. This series has been defunct on the website for roughly two and a half years, but it’s time to bring it back!  A special thanks to the site’s own Brandi for letting me […] READ MORE

Stardom Quest Episode 40 – Matane Review

Alex and Dylan return to host episode 40 of Stardom Quest, a weekly English language podcast dedicated to World Wonder Ring Stardom which offers news, reviews, previews, and insights into the world of Stardom.  This episode will also feature the two speaking about the Hana Kimura memorial event in their Matane review. ” On Episode […] READ MORE

Hana Kimura Memorial Show Airing Live on FITE TV


On May 23, the Hana Kimura Memorial Show “MATANE” will air live on FITE TV, as first reported by Fightful. The show was created by Kimura’s mother, Kyoko Kimura, to honor her late daughter one year after her passing and give a show that friends and fans around the world will remember. The show is […] READ MORE

Hana Kimura Passes Away Aged 22


On Friday May 22, fans became very concerned when Hana Kimura posted graphic pictures of self-harm to her Twitter, along with various tweets hinting at suicidal thoughts.  The tweets were deleted and fans were left wondering what Kimura’s status was.  Hours later, Kimura’s home promotion Stardom confirmed that the 22-year old star had in fact passed […] READ MORE