The Merch Table: September 2021

WWE New Years Redemption

If you’re a long time reader of LWO Pro Wrestling, you may have heard of a series called “The Merch Table” before. This series has been defunct on the website for roughly two and a half years, but it’s time to bring it back! 

A special thanks to the site’s own Brandi for letting me pick up on the idea. 

The idea is pretty simple, we just take a look through some of the new wrestling merchandise released this month. We’ll go through the usual suspects like WWE and AEW, while also highlighting some independent wrestlers and their merch shops as well. 

Note: Not all of these are good. Some things made this list because they’re THAT bad. It’s part of the mystery to figure out what’s good and what’s bad.

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WWE Shop

WWEShop has undoubtedly lost a lot of goodwill over the past three years and has consistently put out some really bad merchandise. The old dog still has a few tricks though, so let’s take a look at the notable releases this month. 

WWE put up a pre-order link for the commemorative plaque celebrating Big E’s WWE Championship. 


It depends whether you’re into these types of designs, but WWE put out a 90’s style hip hop shirt that features The Bloodline. 


In light of the “Demon” making his return at Extreme Rules, WWE put out this Beatles-style shirt of Finn Balor evolving into his signature persona. 


WWE recently partnered with BarkBox to bring a whole box-themed to wrestling, but the kind folks at WWEShop decided to release each item individually.. for nearly the price of one “BarkBox”. This is the “Tug Team Championship” pet toy. 


AEW brought in the likes of Adam Cole, Ruby Soho, and Bryan Danielson over the month of September, meaning that there is bound to be a ton of new merchandise.

To celebrate the reunion of the Superkliq, AEW released this shirt with two deers (the Young Bucks) kissing a dead man (Adam Cole). How lovely. 


Is there much to say about this new Eddie Kingston shirt? It’s the quote of the century. 


AEW released this new shirt in light of Adam Cole’s promotional debut. 


AEW released this new stained glass type shirt for Malakai Black recently. He seems to have a heavy influence in these designs, it’s almost like he has his own clothing line.. 

Other Wrestling Companies (MLW, GCW, ROH, NJPW, Impact, etc.)

…..speak for yourself TJP, speak for yourself. 


Although this shirt is a re-release, I love seeing these pop up during the Halloween season. Bullet Club shirts will always hold a special place in my heart. 


New Japan Pro Wrestling released this shirt in light of their recent “Grand Slam” event that took place earlier this month. 

This might be the single best shirt ever made. Not just wrestling, but in general. 


I’m a firm believer in one truth: GCW has the BEST merchandise in all of pro wrestling. They’ll have a few examples on his list, but here’s a shirt celebrating Minoru Suzuki’s return to the United States. 


Another GCW piece, but this one is celebrating the recent “Emo Fight” event that took place in New York City. 

Impact’s Josh Alexander is on the run of his career right now. He’s set to challenge Christian Cage for the Impact World Title at Bound For Glory, so this new shirt of his was released a few days ago. 

Independent Wrestling

It’s always important to highlight the up-and-comers in today’s wrestling world, so that’s what we’ll do here!


Tony Deppen recently released a collection of new shirts, but this one stood out to me especially. 


Hana Kimura had a new shirt released in her honor recently, and I think it’s a delightful design. It also comes in a few different colors as well! 


As he’s currently in a feud with Matt Cardona, Effy released a few spoof shirts of Cardona/Ryder’s old merchandise. 


Cardona responded by releasing this, which is hilarious. 


Wrestling trading cards have always been of interest to me, but it’s especially cool to see an independent wrestling promotion releasing their own set of cards


“The Deathmatch Samurai” AKIRA released this new shirt in connection with Stiff Blade Apparel. 

Action Figures, Funko Pops, and more 

Funko released this… interesting new Art Series edition Pop for The Rock. You can pre-order it from Walmart now. 

At the Double Or Nothing fanfest this year, AEW revealed that they were going to be producing “Wrestling Buddies”. Now, you can pre-order them.

Also revealed at the Double Or Nothing fanfest was the AEW Unmatched Series 2 collection. The collection features three new wrestlers, as well as the return of MJF and Santana/Ortiz. After a few months waiting, you can pre-order them now

And those are the highlights (and lowlights) of wrestling merch for September 2021. To add a twist to the previous edition of the series, I’m going to give an overall grade to this month’s crop of  wrestling merch. 

The grading scale I’ve created is as followed: 

A – My wallet is completely empty

B – I’ll survive, but no eating out this week

C – I’ve got some extra money. Let’s go to the movies! 

D – Should I plan a mini-vacation? 

F – Should I buy a new house/car? 

September 2021’s merch receives a grade of: C