The Merch Table: February 2019

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Welcome to a reboot of an old series here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling. What was once Wrestling to a Tee is now The Merch Table. Here we will look at all the various newly introduced merchandise items that are pro graps related.

WWE Shop

WWE pushes out tons of new merchandise all the time, however, here are some notable new releases:

Photo: WWE

Bianca Belair of NXT got her very first piece of merchandise. It features her signature ponytail, lip print logo and her slogan of the EST of NXT.

Photo: WWE

Matt Riddle of NXT also got his first piece of WWE merchandise. It continues his original bro gimmick from the independents.

Photo: WWE

Becky Lynch got a bunch of designs as of late, but this one commemorates her win of the Women’s Royal Rumble and going onto WrestleMANia.

Photo: WWE

Bobby Lashley also has a new t-shirt based on Lio Rush’s cheer of Lashley, Lashley, Lashley!

Photo: WWE

Drew McIntyre also has a new t-shirt now that he is once again a single’s star.

Photo: WWE

Aleister Black has the most unique piece of new merchandise. It is a denim vest that Black himself is confirmed to be perfect for patches to be sewn onto. He also hinted that WWE patches may also be on the way.

Photo: WWE

Now that Nikki Cross is on the main roster, she’s got herself a pretty sweet new shirt as well!

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is capitalizing on her “ice and Advil b*tch” line from Raw last week, with a new shirt on her own website.


Pro Wrestling Tees

Next up on the Merch Table is the merchandise juggernaut, Pro Wrestling Tees. They are always adding new designs but here is what is new and fun from them.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

They added new additions to their line if Micro Brawlers including folks like Hiromu Takahashi, Brandi Rhodes, and Flip Gordon. These are reminiscent of the old WWF Wrestling Buddies from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

Andy Kaufman’s estate has partnered with PWT to sell officially licensed Kaufman merchandise. His first shirt is now available, depicting the late actor in his infamous wrestling attire.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

Former WCW superstar Glacier has also opened a store, and this shirt fuses his Blood Runs Cold storyline with the tagline from Game of Thrones.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

WWE Hall of Famer and legend Booker T also has a store on the site, and this design pokes fun at the infamous line ‘shucky ducky quack quack’. This is an homage to comedian Shucky Ducky, real name Cecil Armstrong. Booker would use this line on commentary for his favorite matches or moments.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

The brand-new Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy is open in Tennessee, and they have shirts to promote their new school. This is a joint venture between Glen Jacobs (better known as Kane) and Dr. Tom Prichard.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

Now that Kenny Omega has made his next wrestling endeavor public, there is a brand new AEW shirt commemorating his signing.

Ring of Honor Shop

From the Ring of Honor shop, former Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein has a new shirt.

Photo: ROH

PROGRESS Wrestling

Progress Wrestling also has a new logo shirt available on their My Shopify portal. This design is only available online.


Prize Crates

There are also several wrestling-based or inspired subscription services. We were able to gather info on two of them, Pro Wrestling Crate and the WWE Slam Crate by Loot Crate. For Pro Wrestling Crate, their theme for the month of February was Valentine’s Day. It features items related to those with love or hearts involved in their names or gimmicks.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Crate

For Loot Crate, their featured item for this month’s box is an exclusive Ronda Rousey t-shirt.

Photo: Loot Crate

Funko POP! Round-Up

Photos: Funko

Our next section of The Merch Table is action figures and figurines. There have been several new additions to Funko’s line of wrestlers as POP! figurines. First up is the Amazon exclusive John Cena, and you can’t see him! It’s the “You Can’t See Me” edition and is completely clear. Next up are the debuting Randy Orton and Batista POPs, their first appearances in the WWE line. The final debut for this series is Charlotte Flair and there are two variants of her figure. She has the standard version, which has her in the traditional peacock variation of her attire. There is also a special blue variation on this design, available only at Foot Locker.

Photo: Funko

Lastly, rounding out this collection is the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair. This is Flair’s third Funko POP figure and features a red gear design that is accented in silver.

This is just a small sampling of all the incredible merchandise available at any given time. We’ll be back at the Merch Table with you in a couple weeks with more gems to share!