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It’s an honor and privilege to come to you with this today. As someone who has felt the sadness, felt the grief, and ask the question “Why?” more times than they can count this past year, I am happy to come to you with the most special episode of Wrestling With Edwards ever. This will be the most special ever. In this episode, we do everything in our hearts to honor the life and legacy of the wonderful Hana Kimura. I was lucky enough to have seven people join me for this special show, and it was so big that we had to split it into two parts. The goal in this episode is to honor and remember, think of all the incredible moments Hana Kimura brought us, and ultimately make it known that the bright light that she was will never truly go out.

Here are the names and order of the seven great individuals that joined me in remembering Hana:

  • Parker Klyn — Wrestling Observer and Fight Game Media (Part I)
  • Beth Harris — Last Word On Sports, Inside The Ropes, and Stardust Press Podcast (Part I)
  • Alex Richards — Last Word On Sports, Voices of Wrestling, and Stardom Quest Podcast (Part I)
  • Brandi Wagner — Last Word On Sports and Top Guy Theater (Part II)
  • Robbie Sutter — Last Word On Sports and Fightful Magazine (Part II)
  • Joesph Kirkland — Last Word On Sports (Part II)
  • Dylan Murray — Last Word On Sports, Deadlock, and Stardom Quest Podcast (Part II)

I want to thank every single one of them for coming on the show as, without them, this could not have been possible.

Linked here is the website created by Hana’s mother, Kyoko Kimura, in which you can donate to #EndTheHate and help Remember Hana forever.

You can also visit Hana’s Pro Wrestling Tees shop here, where all the proceeds go to Kyoko as well.

Here’s the link to Hana Kimura’s Memorial Show on FITE TV.

Together, let’s forever remember and cherish who Hana was, what she taught us to be, and carry on her legacy forever.

Everyone is different. Everyone is special. Yessir.

Rest in Peace, Hana Kimura.

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