Report: Aussie Star Indi Hartwell Signs With WWE

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As first broken by Squared Circle Sirens on their Patreon site, Australian indie star Indi Hartwell has signed with the WWE to a developmental deal and is expected to join the WWE Performance Center next month. Over the course of just a few short years in the wrestling business, Melbourne’s Indi Hartwell has made waves. Working everywhere she can Hartwell has won championships and earned her ‘Impressive’ moniker along the way.

Whilst her journey may seem easy Hartwell was quick to point out in an interview with J.A.M Magazine that was far from the case. Particularly in regards to her strict physical training and nutrition regime. “I first found wrestling when I was eight years old after my older brother introduced me to it,” Hartwell recalled. “The main people I was watching back then were Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy and of course Trish Stratus, who I idolized and wanted to be exactly alike.”

It wasn’t until over a decade later, when Hartwell was 19, that she finally decided to step between the ropes. Hartwell began her training at the Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) Academy in Melbourne. Despite having an extensive athletic background nothing could prepare her for the difficulties that would follow. “I played basketball, soccer and danced for 10 years. So I had good cardio but wrestling training is a whole different ball game. I don’t think anything can really prepare you for that.”

A typical week of training will see Hartwell attend in-ring training twice a week. As well as training in the gym five times per week. To complement her extensive physical training Hartwell must adhere to a strict nutritional regime, tracking everything she eats. To hit her nutritional targets Hartwell will often be seen traveling with pre-prepared meals, but will occasionally reward herself after a big match with a box of donuts. Whilst Hartwell explained this is tough she also said, “it’s the price you pay if you want to be taken seriously in this business because it’s not just about being a good wrestler… you also have to have a good look.”

Obviously, this dedication began to pay dividends in 2018 as she collected championships throughout Australia. Hartwell also made waves in the United States performing for companies such as SHIMMER, RISE, and BattleClub Pro. In terms of championship success, Hartwell has held the Riot City Wrestling (RCW), Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Newy Pro), Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW), and World Series Wrestling (WSW) women’s championships.

Before joining WWE there was still one company that Hartwell told J.A.M she would have loved to see introduce a women’s championship. “I would love for MCW [Melbourne City Wrestling] to introduce a women’s title but I don’t know if there is any competition for me because I’m the most impressive one there,” she said. “We’re on the right path but still have to keep building women’s wrestling. Hopefully later this year or next year we might see a women’s title in MCW.” Coincidently enough as Hartwell now leaves MCW they are set to introduce a women’s championship at MCW Nine in October 2019.

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