Viral Sensation Super Humman Appearing at Joey Janela’s Curtain Call

On Monday, September 30, Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) is throwing Joey Janela‘s Curtain Call. Two days later, Joey Janela begins exclusively with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on the Wednesday, October 2 debut of AEW on TNT. It’s also been hinted that it could be the final indie dates for both Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, fellow AEW signees who will also be heading to AEW on TNT. While no matches have been announced yet for the GCW event, a very special appearance has been. Nicolas Estrada – better known to the world by his online handle of Super Humman – will be appearing at the event.

Super Humman has been an amateur “stunt man” for years now – he was even featured on Tosh.0 back in 2016 – but in the past several months, his backyard antics of replicating famous bumps and moves from throughout wrestling’s more hardcore history, has become somewhat of a viral sensation in the wrestling community on Social Media.

With his trademark salute “to all the Juggalos and Juggalettes”, following by his signature removal of shirt and the battle cry of “F**K THIS SHIT”, Super Humman launches himself onto tables, chairs, barbed wire, and other objects.

As his notoriety rose online, indie wrestlers have begun to pay tribute to this fan and Joey Janela himself began to work it into his offence. He did it against Joey Ryan in Australia wrestling for World Series Wrestling at the end of June…

And now the Social Media stuntman is getting his chance to appear on one of his heroes last indie shows before heading off to AEW.

Joey Janela has been a huge part of GCW’s rise on the US indie scene. His first Joey Janela’s Spring Break over WrestleMania week back in 2017 helped kick off GCW’s huge ascent the past two years and continues to be a WrestleMania top attraction. Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy were two other regional stars – in the South and West Coast respectively – before appearances on GCW cards made them national stars through viral clips and GIFs on Social Media.

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