Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Episode 12 (6/19/19)

Uncharted Territory
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Uncharted Territory is coming off of one of it’s biggest weeks yet following last week’s most-watched show yet, including the must-see main event of Joey Janela vs Kris Stratlander.  With Beyond’s biggest show, Americanrana, less than a month away, Uncharted Territory is moving to an even bigger venue at the White Eagle for one week and Beyond Wrestling is expecting one of it’s biggest crowds.

Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy vs Still Life With Apricots and Pears and BLANK

Photo / Beyond Wrestling

It has been a while since we have seen Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy team up. These two used to be a regular team in Beyond but haven’t tagged since the last Americanrana. They will be facing off against the team of Still Life With Apricots and Pears and BLANK. Still Life is the current CHIKARA Young Lion’s Cup holder and they have had an impressive run since winning it. The team of BLANK and Still Life is a long and tortured one, like most works of art are.  BLANK and Orange Cassidy have a feud going back to CHIKARA vs Beyond’s Extreme Warfare Revenge when BLANK stole the win by kicking Orange in the face while he was holding orange juice. 

CHIKARA Showcase Match

CHIKARA has one of the best rosters in all of wrestling. They will be choosing eight of their best to face off against each other, usually broken up into rudos and technicos. The last CHIKARA Showcase match in Beyond was at Americanrana ‘18 and boy was it a good one.

Chris Dickinson vs Shane Mercer

Photo / Beyond Wrestling

Chris Dickinson had one week off from his unreal streak of matches against the biggest in best of the independent scene but now he is back in action. This week he will be taking on the Iron Demon in Shane Mercer. There aren’t any bleachers at the White Eagle for Mercer to lift up but expect him to put up an exciting contest with Dickinson.

Uncharted Territory Discovery Gauntlet

The rules of the Discovery Gauntlet are simple: you have to win it to stay in it. Thomas Santell has now been in the Discovery Gauntlet for eight weeks. No one has been able to beat him for more than half on Uncharted Territory’s run. Last week while facing Travis Huckabee, Santell looked like he hurt his knee pretty bad. After Cam Zagami refused to interview him, Santell hobbled back and forth, interviewing himself. If anyone has a chance of finally defeating Santell it is whoever is in the Discovery Gauntlet this week.

Team Tremendous vs Bear Country

Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

Bear Country is coming off their very first loss since debuting in Uncharted Territory to David Starr and Eddie Kingston. Team Tremendous consisting of Bill Carr and Dan Barry will be making their Uncharted Territory debut, even though these two are fairly regular to Beyond. This match will be a real hoss match-up. Bear Country will be looking to get back to their winning ways but will certainly have their hands full with Team Tremendous.

Solo Darling vs JXT

Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

Solo Darling has become an Uncharted Territory regular, at least making an appearance on most of the shows. This week she will be stepping away from her feud with Skylar and Davienne to take on Australia’s JXT. JXT will be making his Uncharted Territory debut but won’t be the first wrestler from Australia to show up on Uncharted Territory. JXT will be looking to make a good first impression but he will have to be able to beat one of Beyond’s toughest wrestlers to do that.

Josh Briggs vs Richard Holliday

Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

One of the storylines going throughout Uncharted Territory is if Anthony Greene faces someone, Josh Briggs will face them next or vice versa. The two are best friends and always looking out for each other. So last week Richard Holliday faced off against Anthony Greene in the battle of the guest commentators. Greene was able to get the win. This week Holiday will be taking on Josh Briggs. While this might seem like a one-sided match, Briggs has been battling a hip injury for the past few months. Expect Richard Holliday to be just like everyone else on the Beyond roster and to target it.

Anthony Greene and the Platinum Hunnies vs Kenn Doane, Skylar, and Davienne

Photo / Beyond Wrestling

This match is going to be heated. Over the past few episodes of Uncharted Territory, Kenn Doane has shown up and just caused havoc. Last week while the Platinum Hunnies were celebrating with Anthony Greene, the ex-Spirit Squad member got up and punched one of the Platinum Hunnies right in the face. While Skylar and Davienne have just made themselves the Top Dogs on Uncharted Territory doing anything they want. The Platinum Hunnies and Top Dogs faced off at Beyond’s Boston Secret Show with Skylar and Davienne getting the win. These two trios will be looking for a fight more than a match.

Uncharted Territory airs live on IndependentWrestling.TV every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST.


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