SmackDown LIVE Highlights Rundown – Bayley Leads the Way (6/11/19)

SmackDown Live

With all the talent SmackDown LIVE has on their roster, why must the show kick off with Shane McMahon? Roman Reigns was absent for a second straight WWE show as Shane McMahon flapped his lips. Thankfully, this was not even close to the highlight of the night as the women took charge of the night and Aleister Black takes it to another level. Per usual, let us take a look at the highlights!

Sonya Deville Snags a Win

Photo: WWE

A Raw competitor won an opportunity for a SmackDown championship as there were so many competitors on SmackDown worthy of opportunity. Thankfully, a slight step forward was taken story wise for the women of SmackDown LIVE. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville continue to be a thorn in the side of Ember Moon which hopefully means Ember will be in a match in the weeks coming. A week after ruining the opportunity Carmella had in the Triple Threat, Sonya Deville took on Carmella in one-on-one action. With the help of Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville would notch a big victory over a former women’s champion with a Step-Up Knee. May be wishful thinking, but it was nice to see Deville get a win.

Aleister Black Has Had Enough

The fear of Fading to Black is real when it comes to the SmackDown LIVE roster. For weeks now, Aleister Black has pleaded with the roster to call his name. To step-up and challenge “The Dutch Destroyer”. But he still waits… in silence. That silence has vanquished, as Black has made it perfectly clear his door is wide open. “Will somebody, anybody, please, please, I beg of you, please, pick a fight with me!” The rage in Aleister Black is coming near its breaking point. Maybe the safest thing for the SmackDown LIVE roster is to actually have someone step up.

RETURN: Big E Back in Action

Photo: WWE

Big E has finally returned to in-ring competition as he teamed with his New Day brothers to gain a victory over Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn. The same explosiveness prior to the injury was there as well. Good to see E back all healthy.

SmackDown Live MVP: Bayley

Photo: WWE

After losing in her hometown last night on Monday Night Raw, Bayley was looking to get back in the win column as the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion. She would take on Nikki Cross. Earlier in the night, Cross would be told by Alexa Bliss, Bayley’s WWE Stomping Grounds challenger, that Bayley had liked a tweet that was negative towards her. So of course, this would lead to a match-up between the two.

This new intense Bayley has been a fresh cup of tea for us fans as she should be getting more attention by the wrestling community. Bayley would stare down Bliss as she would finish off Nikki Cross, keeping her eyes locked as she hit the huge elbow drop for the victory. Alexa Bliss is the one who killed all of Bayley’s momentum back in 2017, now it is time for Bayley to put her first demon to rest as she looks to keep the SmackDown LIVE women’s division alive and well.

Final Notes for SmackDown Live

SmackDown LIVE was nothing to jump up and down for this week. What it did accomplish was focusing a little more on women’s wrestling, something the WWE has struggled with since WrestleMania over two months ago. With that and Aleister Black becoming insane, SmackDown is worth a watch in those aspects. But if you expected Andrade, Finn Balor, or Ali to grace your screens as they should be week in and week out, I am sorry to say that did not happen.  Go out of your way to watch 205 Live this week as well, because the SmackDown LIVE MVP of the week says so.

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