Blood Tourist Strikes Big: Lou King Sharp Headed To OWE

Scottish wrestler Lou King Sharp used to be all about booting baws and pumping maws but nowadays, he’s on a mission to become known worldwide. This has earned him the nickname of The Blood Tourist, with trips to the likes of Denmark and the United States proving that it’s more of a lifestyle than just some fancy moniker. However, LKS may have just sealed his biggest deal to date as it’s been announced that he’ll be heading out to China to compete for Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) – a company closely linked to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Lou King Sharp Headed To OWE

Following his debut in 2013 as a product of the Premier British Wrestling (PBW) Academy, Lou King Sharp made an immediate impact on the Scottish wrestling scene, challenging for the Tag Team Championships in both Pro Wrestling Elite (PWE) and British Championship Wrestling (BCW) as well as entering the PBW King of Cruisers Match within a year of making his in-ring debut. It didn’t take long for Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler to head outwith Scotland though, as he headed to Wales in February 2015 for Vertigo Pro Wrestling (VPW) opposite current NXT UK superstar Dave Mastiff. As you can imagine, that was a spectacle to behold due to the sheer size difference between the pairing.

LKS captured his first taste of championship glory a month after that, capturing the Pro Wrestling Elite Tag Team Championships from The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew) at their second annual Elite Rumble event. Although he initially began his reign alone, he was joined during this time by both Lionheart, the late Kris Travis, and Joe Hendry, before losing the gold to Fight Club (Kid Fite and Liam Thomson). While cementing his status as a performer all around the UK, his first proper international date came in August 2015 when he had a Steel Cage Match in Denmark against The Geek for a company he’s left quite the impact in, Dansk Pro Wrestling (DPW).

Sharp was now competing all over Scotland and also down in England, forming an alliance with fellow PBW Academy graduate Krieger. Fast forward a few years, and they were one of Scotland’s greatest teams. They became the longest-reigning PBW Tag Team Champions in history with an incredible reign of 910 days, while also capturing the doubles gold in WrestleZone (WZ). People were taking notice of his work, resulting in matches against the likes of Jody Fleisch and Hornswoggle, with the latter being titled The Battle of the Big Men. After winning the 2017 PBW King of Cruisers Match (which is arguably the biggest match on PBW’s annual calendar), LKS went on to win the DPW Money in the Bank Match in November 2018, cashing it in the exact same night to snatch the Heavyweight Championship away from Nitro Green. If there was anything that cemented his status as The Blood Tourist, it was capturing a championship in international territory.

This is without a doubt the biggest opportunity Lou King Sharp has ever received. Even though he’s been able to appear on British TV via Five Star Wrestling (5*), he now has the chance to appear for a promotion with links to AEW, something that would send Sharp’s career into the stratosphere. There’s already been quite an outpour of support for him since the announcement came out, and that support will only increase as the days go by. Anyone who knows him will be aware that he deserves this shot more than anyone else. When he’s over there in China, that statement will become crystal clear.

His last scheduled matches in the UK will be this weekend, firstly on Saturday at the Mayfield Community Centre in Stirling, Scotland for the debut event of Big Massive Wrestling (BMW) where he’s set to face Prince Asad, and then on Sunday evening at the Garage in Glasgow for Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), where he’ll be facing Paul Robinson.

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