Why Wrestling Fans Are Turning To Operators For Their Betting Needs

Wrestling Fans

Wrestling is an exciting, action-packed mix between a sporting contest and a daytime drama that combines ballet, stage fighting, drama, theatrics, and comedy. Wrestling giants like WWE reach more than 800 million homes worldwide each year, with fans passionately watching and betting on the outcome of bets. Due to the predetermined nature of this contest, it comes to a surprise to many that you can place bets on each showdown.

However, just like you could bet on who ended up on the Iron Throne in the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones, you can also place a bet on professional wrestling. What you are betting on will be different than what you might bet on in ordinary sports. Instead of betting on which team or individual wins the wrestling match, you will bet on which decision you think the winning team will make.

Wrestling Bets

Sites like 888sport will have limits on how much you can bet. Because it is a predetermined event, you won’t be able to bet $10,000 on who you think you win. Instead, the limits are usually capped at a couple of hundred dollars.

If you want to bet in Las Vegas, there are stringent rules on what you can and cannot bet on. For example, just a few years ago, people were not allowed to bet legally on things like Super Bowl MVP. According to the Nevada Gambling Control Board, the rule applies to events where the outcome isn’t determined on the field and is based instead on opinion.

While the legal events that can be bet on are expanding, there are still no scripted or predetermined events allowed in Las Vegas sports books. That means if you want to bet on wrestling, you have to find a reputable online source that can provide you with an outlet for betting on wrestling.

The Best Betting Sites For Wrestling Fans (888sport & more)

Wrestling still isn’t as mainstream as betting on football, baseball, or other sports. Even though watching wrestling is extremely popular, many bookies and online betting sites would rather stick with more traditional sports than offering bets on wrestling. Therefore, there just aren’t as options out there for betting on wrestling as other sports.

That is why many wrestling fans are turning to operators like 888sport for their betting needs. It is a popular, reputable online betting site that covers more than just the big events of WrestleMania, SmackDown, Super ShowDown, and Royal Rumble. 

888sport also makes it easier for wrestling fans to try out sports betting for the first time. The betting site created a unique bet calculator that gives you a complete run-through of the data and helps tell you how profitable your bet might be. If you are just starting, this tool can be helpful if you need a bit of insider assistance at first. 888sport also makes it easier for wrestling fans to try out sports betting for the first time. To read a full 888 sports review, check out https://www.bestbettingsites.co.uk/888sport/.

Tips For Betting On Wrestling

The secret to betting on wrestling is following it closely and learning to predict storylines before it happens. It is a bit different from regular sports betting because instead of guessing how well an athlete or team will perform, you must speculate on how the writing team will produce the script that week. It’s like trying to figure out the outcome of a TV show.

Think Like The Writers

Ultimately, the role of the writers of a wrestling event is to tell the most engaging story possible. To become a successfully wrestling bettor, you should think of the possible outcomes and try to predict what would be the most appealing. Of course, there are a wide variety of possibilities that relate to each bet, but at least it is a good starting point. Instead of trying to think of what you would like most to happen, put yourself in the shes of someone who is writing a TV show and try to make your predictions and then your bets based off of those theories.

Follow Wrestling Outside The Ring

Social media adds a whole other element to wrestling that wasn’t there twenty years ago. Social media helps to add more to the narrative, and you can even find groups where people discuss speculations and predictions. Following the wrestling stars on social media can help you find out who is negotiating a new contract, who is injured, or who is planning on retiring soon. All of this can help you learn about the storytelling process and make better bets.

Watch The Events

One of the easiest ways to understand the thought process of the writers is to watch what they have already created. Pay close attention to who is just starting their career, who is getting more TV time, and who is standing out. All of these can be indicators of who will be the winner at the next big events.


Of course, this is more of an art than a science. TV shows, in general, do not want to be too predictable, so they might throw you curveballs every so often. WWE is no exception. Wrestlers you weren’t expecting might win or appear at randomly at events.

Plan Long Term

When you are betting on football or tennis, often your focus is simply on that event and match-up. But, since professional wrestling is a fiction with a storyline created by writers, you have to remember that you are betting on a larger story with character arcs and history.


A management company might have a wrestler lose a few matches in a row if they want to push a comeback story, or they might win in unfair circumstances to create a villain storyline. Knowing this will help your odds, and you might even be able to predict something big like the next WWE Champion before the storyline reveals clues. By guessing early, you can get better odds through sites like 888sport and hopefully win more money.  


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