Preview: MCW – Tensions Rising (6/8/19)

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Melbourne City Wrestling returns to the Thornbury Theatre this weekend with Tensions Rising.

With this show representing the final stop on the road to the annual Ballroom Brawl, every athlete on the card will be looking to make a major impact and get their momentum rolling now.

MCW Tensions Rising will feature the continuation of the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament, as we now enter the semi-final round. 

Also scheduled for the event is yet another MCW Tag Team Championship defence. Current title holders The Brat Pack will look to continue in their endeavor to prove they are not only the best tag team in MCW but in the country as a whole.

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament: TD vs Danny Psycho

Photo: MCW

TD advanced to this stage of the tournament following significant interface in his first round match against Jett. With everyone still asking questions about the reason behind the sudden and unexpected alliance between Emanuel, Atlas Whittaker (then known as Campbell Crawford) and TD what does this mean for the upcoming semi-final matchup?

Standing on the opposite side of the ring is the inaugural MCW Champion, Danny Psycho. Psycho advanced to semi-final stage via a decisive victory over DCT. Can the former MCW top dog carry this momentum with him into the next round? Or will the numbers game once again play into TD’s favour?

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Tournament: Ritchie Taylor vs Lochy Hendricks

MCW Tensions Rising
Photo: MCW

At The War To Settle The Score Hendricks was able to advance from the first round of the tournament following a victory over Fun Time Phil. This weekend the ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks now enters into Tensions Rising with only two more scheduled appearances before he heads off to Florida to join “Uncle Paul”. In order to go out on top of the world, Hendrick’s will need to advance through his semi-final match against Ritchie Taylor this weekend.

Taylor’s road to the semi-final has been a tough one. In the lead up to the tournament, Taylor squared off with some of Australia’s hardest hitters, in Robbie Eagles and Mike Burr. The road didn’t get any easier once the tournament began as Taylor squared off New Zealand star Kane Khan in the first round.

If anybody is going to shut up the cocky and arrogant ‘Loverboy’ Ritchie Taylor is the man to do it. however, Hendricks has been known to play dirty so the outcome of this one is no certainty.

Indi Hartwell vs Jessica Troy

MCW Tensions Rising
Photo: MCW

Two of the country’s finest women’s wrestlers are set to square off in a potential match of the night.

Since debuting for MCW Hartwell has run roughshod over the women’s division. Ousting Kellyanne and Avary along the way. This weekend she welcomes perhaps her stiffest competition to date though when Jessica Troy arrives in MCW.

Troy has been tearing up the scene in New South Wales as part of Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA). It’s not just NSW that Troy has been dominating though, she has also made a big name for herself internationally as part of Shimmer.

Will Hartwell continue to own the MCW women’s division as an uncrowned champion or will Troy be able to stop Hartwell in her tracks?

Kaz Jordan vs Atlas Whittaker

MCW Tensions Rising
Photo: MCW

Heading into this matchup there is really only one question which dominates the minds of the MCA faithful. Who is Atlas Whittaker?

When we all knew him by his former moniker, Campbell Crawford, he was a fun-loving and hardworking man who simply wanted to prove his worth. However, after revealing his dark side at the last MCW show we really cannot be sure what to expect from the man now known at Atlas Whittaker.

Kellyanne vs Xena

MCW Tensions Rising
Photo: MCW

MCW stalwart Kellyanne is set to welcome yet another MCW debutant this weekend when she faces, Xena. After last facing international megastar Millie McKenzie there is a very real chance that Kellyanne may take her upcoming match with the young Xena lightly. A mistake which could be incredibly costly.

Up in NSW Xena has proven to be a very tough competitor in her short career. In PWA Xena has squared off with both male and female competitors, so she will be looking to make an immediate impact in her first appearance for MCW.

Mike Burr vs Matty Wahlberg

MCW Tensions Rising
Photo: MCW

In the final debut of the evening, MCW will welcome one of Australia’s hottest prospects and former PWA Championship Number 1 contender Matty Wahlberg. Dubbed the “Natural Born Athlete” and the “21st Century Success Story” Wahlberg has stood toe to toe with Robbie Eagles, Jimmy Havoc and Caveman Ugg.

The braggadocios Wahlberg will be entering MCW to a very cold reception thanks to Mike Burr. After a few months of dissatisfying results, Burr will be on a warpath as he attempts to get his MCW career back on track at MCW Tensions Rising.

MCW Tag Team Championships: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) (c) vs The Natural Classics (Tome & Stevie Filip)

Photo: MCW

At the conclusion of their match against South Australia’s The Parea the MCW Tag Team Champions were in for a rude surprise when The Natural Classics made their return to MCW.

Over the past few months, The Natural Classics have been off in New Zealand training in the Fale Dojo as part of the New Japan Young Lions program. With this intensive training program now behind them, the team of Stevie and Tome Filip are no doubt even better than they were before.

Will the new and improved Natural Classic be able to dethrone The Brat Pack and halt their quest to prove they are Australia’s best tag team?

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