Killer Kross Is Hunting Jon Moxley: “He Was Better Off Staying in Prison”


On Wednesday night, a killer among us declared he was on a new manhunt. IMPACT Wrestling‘s resident psychopath Killer Kross released a video as he patrolled the streets of his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, as he hunted for a man who also hailed from Sin City – a man who had been carving hour glasses into bar tops who made a huge return to the non-WWE world of pro wrestling recently in Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE). In the video, Kross enters a Vegas dive bar and approaches the bar staff. “Apparently, there’s a lunatic on the loose here in my city,” he says to them. “Some guy, running around, talking about time, change, paradigm shifts.”

“Please let him know, someone is looking for him,” he continues. “And he was better off staying in prison. Cause he is no longer safe…because in the end, everyone pays the toll.”

Jon Moxley made his triumphant return to post-WWE life with his shocking appearance in the final moments of All Elite Wrestling (AEW)‘s Double or Nothing last weekend, attacking Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega after the main event. Since then, he’s headed to New Japan where he defeated Juice Robinson for the IWGP United States Championship, and is now heading to NJPW Dominion to face one of the most promising members of the recent Young Lion graduates in Shota Umino.

Photo: NJPW

With Moxley expected to go all-inclusive with AEW once they begin on TNT this Fall, it will be interesting to see where Killer Kross will finally find Moxley. While a potential one off match could be possible in Kross’ home with IMPACT Wrestling, Ryan Satin has reported that the vignette was financed and produced by Kross himself, and without IMPACT’s input. With an emphasis being shown in the video of Kross hunting for Moxley in their mutual hometowns of Las Vegas, it could be possible for a fight to go down in Las Vegas’ Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW). Kross is a former FSW Heavyweight Champion and recently made his return to the company to challenge current FSW Champion Chris Bey.

Another potential battleground could be another of Kross’ frequent stomping grounds in AAA in Mexico. With AAA allied with AEW, these two violent combatants could be a featured attraction at the upcoming TripleMania XXVII this August 3, 2019 at Mexico City Arena. With Killer Kross hunting the man who recently declared “Time’s Up”, it’s a matter of said time before we hear the tick tock for one man and the bell of victory for another, in what could be one of the most savage matches of the year.

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