Raw Highlights Rundown – Bray Wyatt Tells Us His Secret (5/13/19)

Bray Wyatt Sinister Reveal Raw

For the first time since before WrestleMania, Raw was the go-home show for a pay-per-view as Money in the Bank is this Sunday. In a taped edition of Raw from London, England rumors swirled as to what the Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House could bring this week. As well as seeing how the Raw Money in the Bank competitors would interact and how the “Wild Card Rule” could affect the show this time around. Let’s look at the highlights.

The Story So Far: Becky 2 Belts vs The World

Photo: WWE

Becky Lynch prepares for her toughest test yet as she has her first and second title defense this Sunday at Money in the Bank. With that said she had a contract signing with not one but both of her opponents as Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair sat across from “The Man”. After plenty of verbal shots at each other, all three women would sign the contracts before it would finally get physical. “The Queen” and “The Lady” would ultimately get the last laugh as they would powerbomb Lynch through the table in the middle of the ring before holding the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships above their heads as they prepare for Money in the Bank. It is fair to believe that Becky 2 Belts may be no more following Sunday.

Nikki Cross Is Here To Play

Photo: WWE

It was announced prior to Raw that the four women from Raw competing in the Money in the Bank ladder match would face off in a Fatal 4-Way match to get an upper hand on the competition. Before the match, Alexa Bliss would be seen on the phone talking to what is assumed to be an airport rep discussing how they lost her suitcase and she would have no gear to compete in later on in the match. A less crazy Nikki Cross would then show up, saying how she had been on Raw for four weeks now and no one has noticed her. Alexa would apologize and ask her to fight in her place in the Fatal 4-Way. Nikki would accept, leading to the match.

Naomi vs Natalya vs Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke

The four women would battle it out, with Nikki Cross seeming calm in the back but aggressive and much like her NXT self in the ring. As the match went on, Dana Brooke would introduce a ladder into the match. She would climb to the top and lay all three women out with a crossbody showing that this could be her time. Natalya would then roll Cross into the ring following Naomi and Dana being finished on the outside. Nikki would have the wherewithal to grab Natalya hung up on the second rope and hit the Swinging Neckbreaker for the victory, truly showing she was here to play. Following the match, Alexa would climb to the top of the ladder and grab the Money in the Bank, holding it high above her head.

Sami Zayn Captures His Opportunity

Photo: WWE

Braun Strowman would be called into Shane McMahon’s office as Sami Zayn would be waiting there for him. Zayn would say he is taking the spot, in which Shane would say could not happen just like that. Zayn would then explain how he will fight him for it if he must to take the spot a week after he was dumped into a trash can by Strowman. Sami would then double down saying he doesn’t care what type of match, he will face Strowman in whatever it takes. He would continue by saying a Falls Count Anywhere match would have Braun happily accept as this would become the main event of the night.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Spot: Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn – Falls Count Anywhere

Sami Zayn and his words of wisdom would take on the reigning “Monster in the Bank” in Braun Strowman for the opportunity originally given to Strowman weeks prior. The two men would fight around the arena including in the crowd and at the concession stands. Baron Corbin would get involved trying to stop Braun, but Strowman would fight it off and continue the fight. They would then head to the backstage area where Zayn would try to avoid the monster. Drew McIntyre would then get involved, attack Strowman before ultimately being stopped once again. Zayn and Strowman would head out to the stage where both Corbin and McIntyre would aid Sami by putting Strowman through a ladder and McIntyre putting the lights out in Strowman with a Claymore Kick. All three men would pin Strowman, giving Sami Zayn the opportunity he had been looking for since returning. Strowman would then put Zayn through the WWE announce table but when it is all said and done, Sami Zayn will compete for the Men’s Money in the Bank this Sunday.

Raw MVP: Bray Wyatt

The Firefly Fun House took another turn as Bray Wyatt finally shared his secret with the fans around the world. With Abby, Mercy, and the resurrected Rambling Rabbit by his side, Wyatt was ready to steal the show. After weeks of hints and twists, Bray Wyatt would call for all his fireflies as he’d transform into a monster with a new mask as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” would creepily play has he made the new transformation. With darkness still very much in his mind, the true Bray Wyatt would appear. Enjoy:

There is no telling what could be next for the Bray Wyatt character and the Firefly Fun House, but one thing is for sure which is that this will be the number one thing fans will look forward to once again next week. With SmackDown LIVE expected to feature a Fatal 4-Way between Randy Orton, Ali, Andrade, and the Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor, it should be a good SmackDown Rundown tomorrow. Make sure to comeback and look.


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