#AndNEW: Tyler Bateman wins United Wrestling Network (UWN) Television Title

Tyler Bateman

Last night at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s (CWFH) Coastline Clash “The Main Man” Tyler Bateman rolled through a potential “Hush Money” and into the history books becoming Two-Time United Wrestling Network (UWN) Television Champion. Former Champion Royce Isaacs attempted his finisher but Bateman rolled out of it into a standing position and dropped his vicious forearm “Death from Above” to end the contest. Bateman won the Percy Pringle III Cup earlier this year and made it clear immediately on that he wanted Isaacs UWN TV Title.

Tyler Bateman wins United Wrestling Network (UWN) Television Title.

Tyler Bateman caused Isaacs to drop a non-title bout to Gentleman Jervis when he arrived Cup in hand and looked ready to cash it in. The distraction led to a Jervis roll-up and a stunning result. However, it was Royce who taunted his opponent  from the microphone speculating that it was not he, but Bateman who was afraid to face “The Ultimate.” In the end, the Man by way of Moore, Oklahoma finished the match in typical fashion and once again wears gold. This could be a long reign for Bateman as he has looked superb thus far in 2019 and there was nothing in Irvine, California last night to indicate that’s changing anytime soon. Well, we know who “The Main Man” is now Royce.

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