The Briscoes Versus GoD – A Match So Big, a TV Taping Can’t Contain It!

The War Of The World‘s tour for 2019 for ROH has been off to an impressive start. The crew has completed 3 nights of 6 nights so far. Many matches have taken place from PCO vs. Matt Taven for the ROH World Title, Bandido vs. Flip Gordon, Sanada and EVIL vs. The Kingdom, and much more. But perhaps the headliner of all the matches has to be The Briscoes vs. The Guerillas Of Destiny.

These two teams have had a much heated rivalry that has been brewing since the “Honor Rising” tour when the two teams actually teamed up with each other on night one of the tour and ended up on the losing side, ultimately resulting in the two teams clashing with one another after Jay Briscoe grabbed a hold of Jado after the match. The next night, the then ROH Tag Team champs, The Briscoes, followed up with issuing a big challenge to G.O.D for a match at Madison Square Garden for the mega historic event, “G1 Supercard Of Honor”, in a title versus title match, with the winning team taking both sets of titles for the two promotions.

The Briscoes Versus GoD

A turn of events wound up making this dream match not happen when Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King) won the titles right before the big show. The loss would be a disappointment for many ROH and NJPW fans as the anticipation for a match of epic proportions was seemingly off the cards. However, an announcement was made a few weeks before the show at Madison Square Garden, when both tag titles would be on the line in a 4 way tag match between Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King), Sanada & EVIL, G.O.D, and The Briscoes. This particular match ended with G.O.D winning the ROH titles, and quickly desecrating the ROH titles much like Tetsuya Naito would when winning titles in NJPW. The match itself while being a hard-hitting and historic, still had fans wondering, when were these two ace teams of their respective promotions going to go head to head.

Fast forward to this week on night one of the tour, and G.O.D not only successfully defended their tag titles but did so in the world of The Briscoes, where the team has ruled since the beginning of ROH. Mark and Jay immediately came out with Jay Briscoe on the mic claiming that they would be walking out on Sunday as the tag champs. The Briscoes would get into Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa’s faces, which would prompt Tama Tonga once again disrespecting the ROH titles, and then attacking Jay Briscoe, and immediately ensuing into a major brawl that would set off one of the most intense pull aparts in the industry.

The match itself is so big, however, that a major announcement was made by Ian Riccoboni announcing that tonights taping featuring the two teams finally battling each other, would actually be live on Honor Club. A first-time occurrence for the company. It will be interesting what the fall out is between these tag team titans in the industry.


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