Kris Wolf To Retire

A week after the UK’s favorite Wolf Kid Lykos retired from wrestling we see Japan’s favorite wolf Kris Wolf retire as we continue to lose wrestling’s canines.  Wolf’s retirement show is presented by Pro Wrestling: EVE and is aptly named as BRING ME YOUR MOMS: EVE PRESENTS WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! THE FRANTIC SCRAMBLE IN SEARCH FOR MEANING THROUGH A MESS OF MEATY INTERACTIONS AKA THE KRIS WOLF RETIREMENT SHOW (Yes the all-caps are necessary this is Kris Wolf we’re dealing with here)

Wolf is originally from Chicago in the USA but trained to wrestle with World Wonder Ring Stardom and debuted for the company in 2014.  She was never a main event player in Stardom but was one of the most fun members of the company’s midcard with her antics in Oedo Tai providing some of the most memorable promos and moments in Stardom.

In 2018 though she left Stardom due to VISA issues and began wrestling in the European and US indie scene.  It was during this run that fans who had never seen Stardom became acquainted with Wolf as her fanbase grew very quickly with her energy, positivity and in-ring skills making her a big hit with fans in the US and Europe.  She got to work for companies like Over The Top WrestlingRing Of Honor, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, RISE Wrestling, Fight Club: PRO and BAR Wrestling among many others.

Photo: ROH

Earlier this year though Kris Wolf announced her intentions to retire due to concussion problems.  She also found her favorite human and got married to a very tall woman which Wolf herself finds hilarious so it was the perfect time for her to retire in her eyes.  Kris Wolf left her mark on the pro wrestling world even though she only wrestled for 5 years.  With her positivity and energy she made an impression everywhere she went, be it Stardom in Japan or OTT in Ireland she had the ability to connect with everybody.  Anyone that met her always walked away with a smile and a unique moment with the Wolf herself as she truly lived the gimmick and loved to have a good time.

Kris Wolf will be missed but she has one more show to go and everyone has one more chance to see their favorite wolf in action.