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Preview: CHIKARA Fright Knight (4/27/2019)

CHIKARA returns following a successful outing with Once Upon a Beginning during WrestleMania week. This event is titled Fright Knight! The issue of the rightful Grand Champion is over. During a ferocious ladder match, Dasher Hatfield was able to defeat his step-cousin-in-law Mr. Touchdown. A new Director of Fun was also appointed, that being Sidney Backabella.

Shazza McKenzie vs. BLANK


BLANK will have his first exhibition as a solo artist in season 20 here at Fright Knight. Since late in season 19, BLANK has been obsessed with one Penelope Ford. He feels that she ‘ruined’ his masterpiece that is Still Life with Apricots and Pears. Now the tortured artist is on the hunt for revenge; while he doesn’t get the Bad Girl here, he does have another blond female opponent. Shazza McKenzie is a CHIKARA extended family member from Australia. McKenzie is in the US on an extended tour and has come to Fright Knight to compete. It is McKenzie’s first appearance in season 20, we last saw her at season 19’s King of Trios. If BLANK can focus his energy on McKenzie and win, he would gain his third point and a shot at the Grand Champion.

Lucas Calhoun & Stray Kat vs. Oceanea & Merlok


Ol’ Jukejoint himself will be in town in the Poconos as he teams up with Stray Kat. Perhaps he found her in an all(i)ey! This will be this Kat’s first appearance, but she bears a strong resemblance to Allie Kat. Allie Kat competed at the Young Lions Cup earlier this year. Their challenge before them is not an easy one either. Oceanea of the Deep will team with her biggest monster, Merlok. These two have been on a roll in season 20 thus far. The fearsome twosome defeated a couple of Calhoun’s associates, Jeremy Leary and Blanche Babish. Back in season 19, Lucas Calhoun was part of a team that overcame all of the Creatures of the Deep. That was at Night Two of CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2018.

The Patriot vs. Jakob Hammermeier


We have two returning friends to CHIKARA at Fright Knight in this match. Jakob Hammermeier hasn’t been seen since the last time CHIKARA was in the Poconos. This was all way back at the 2018 Infinite Gauntlet. We haven’t seen former WWE Superstar The Patriot in even longer, not since King of Trios 2007! There he was part of the Trios tournament and only competed on night one. So here will be his first ever singles match in CHIKARA! Now the proud American veteran will go toe-to-toe with the scheming former leader of BDK.

Razerhawk, Fire Ant, Solo Darling & The Hurricane vs. Cajun Crawdad, Callux the Castigator, Rory Gulak & El Hijo del Ice Cream


It wouldn’t be a CHIKARA event if there wasn’t some atomicos action to be had! This one is also potentially very special. Extended family member, The Hurricane will be joining the crew of Razerhawk, Fire Ant and Solo Darling. Hurricane has also said this is his last scheduled match, and potentially the last match of his career. The caped crusader has been wrestling for almost 19 years, having debuted in July of 1990. In January, it was revealed that he had signed with WWE as part of the production staff.

It is only fitting that if this is his last appearance for CHIKARA, that he teams with some of the best and brightest in the promotion. Fire Ant and Solo Darling are very identifiable with CHIKARA, having been around for many seasons. Razerhawk is an up-and-coming star, ready to take flight in his own way. Their opponents are some of the toughest and most talented in CHIKARA as well. Cajun Crawdad from Oceanea’s Creatures of the Deep, Callux from the Proteus Wheel, the amazing Rory Gulak and El Hijo del Ice Cream.

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup: Still Life with Apricots and Pears (c) vs. Brayden Lee


The Young Lions Cup will be defended at Fright Night! Still Life with Apricots and Pears has successfully defended their cup one time since winning it at the Young Lions Cup. They defeated the Spanish sensation Carlos Romo in Jersey City at Once Upon a Beginning. Their original opponent was set to be Unsocial Jordan, an Australian wrestler set to make his CHIKARA debut. However, due to injury Unsocial Jordan is unable to wrestle. The replacement opponent should be sufficient though. It’s Midwest standout Brayden Lee, that we first met at the Young Lions Cup.

Campeonatos de Parejas: The Whisper & Princess KimberLee (c) vs. F.I.S.T. (Tony Deppen/Travis Huckabee)


Perhaps the problems between campeons have now been settled. At Once Upon a Beginning, KimberLee was able to get out her frustrations on The Whisper. They waged war against each other, which ended with a Herculian amount of suplexes. Now The Whisper and Princess KimberLee must come back together to defend the Campeonatos de Parejas. They’ve known for a month or so that F.I.S.T would be waiting for them.

Tony Deppen and Travis Huckabee acquired their third and final point at the Young Lions Cup. The devious duo, mentored by Icarus, have hungered for these titles for quite sometime. It will be perhaps the biggest challenge to date for the partners that can’t get along. Find out at Fright Knight!

CHIKARA Grand Championship Match: Dasher Hatfield (c) vs. Missile Assault Man


This will be Dasher Hatfield’s first defense as Grand Champion without the word interim attached to it. While Mr. Touchdown, his own step-cousin-in-law was taken out by injury, Dasher took his place to defend the title. And after four successful defenses for the interim Champion, Mr. Touchdown returned. He went to reclaim his title from his step-cousin-in-law only to have Dasher attack him with it. Dasher forced Mr. Touchdown to prove that he was ready to take up the mantle of Grand Champion again. Eventually, this led to a ladder match between the step-cousins-in-law. And in the end, it was Dasher who walked away as champion.

Despite the fact he has made 5 successful title defenses, these technically fall under Mr. Touchdown’s reign. This will be his first under his own name in the history books. Missile Assualt Man is a character with a long, strange journey behind it. He was once an Ant, aligned with the rest of the Colony. He was unmasked and used as a weapon of destruction. Tortured by Professor Nicodemus. Now that those demons have been vanquished, he sets his sights on the Grand Championship. He’s also held singles victories over Dasher Hatfield. Dasher has never been able to defeat MAM in a singles contest. Will that continue to be true, or will Dasher break the drought?

The only way to find out is to check out CHIKARA’s Fright Knight! Join in the fun in person, at the Pocono Mountain West Junior High School in Pocono Summit, PA. Or if you can’t make the trek, you can tune in via CHIKARAtopia or IndepedentWrestling.TV. The show will stream live and be available on demand. Both of these are affordable options with which to get your CHIKARA fix.


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