Feel Good Mania: Giving The Fans What They Wanted

In the history of WWE, giving the fans what they wanted has always seemed to be second to following their storylines and what they feel is best for their company moving forward. And after a long time, the die-hard fans of their company have understood that and expect to not always get their hopes up. Despite all of that, WWE did something last night that completely changed future hope and perspective for the fans. The company gave their fans exactly what they had hoped for on their biggest possible stage at WrestleMania 35.

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It all kicked off on the Kick Off show really, when Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, natives of the New York/New Jersey area, won the Raw Tag Team Championships after 269 straight losses for Curt Hawkins. When Curt Hawkins played possum on Scott Dawson, seemingly being out of it from the brainbuster that laid him out on the outside but ultimately rolled up the now former champion for his first victory in two years. The crowd erupted for this victory, appreciating that Hawkins after this long journey, and even Ryder, had enough in the tank to finally win one together. The Major Bros. are once again on top of the tag team division, 11 years after their last tag team reign.

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The trend continued as the beginning of WrestleMania began with the Universal Championship. And through the weeks as the three main championship storylines continued to grow, fans seemingly felt that there was no way that all three of their favorites could walk away champions. Regardless, Seth Rollins would slay the beast at the top, hitting Brock Lesnar with three Stomps in the middle of the ring and officially burned down the stranglehold that Lesnar had on the Universal Championship for the past two years. The crowd once again erupted even at the fact that the Universal Championship, which had been positioned as the top title in the company since its inception, was going to kick off the main card when Paul Heyman made his way down to the ring. Seth Rollins was the chosen one by the fans to slay the beast, and when it finally happened, the fans jumped out of their seats.

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A story that came from the fans simply wanting this man to succeed. Kofi Kingston would finally receive his first ever one on one opportunity for the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. The Kofi chants would never die last night, as all match long they would roar through the arena. And while this story couldn’t be denied, the distinct possibility that Kofi still may not succeed was there. That is simply because of the past and how WWE has handled certain stories, but last night, the trend of giving the fans what they wanted would not be stopped by Daniel Bryan. Kofi Kingston would hit the most important Trouble in Paradise of his career, pinning Bryan to become the new WWE Champion. The crowd could be heard as loud as possible despite the open aspect of MetLife Stadium, as the fans celebrated the success of the 11-year vet Kingston winning his first ever WWE Championship. Seeing the pure emotion inside the ring with The New Day and Kofi’s kids as well as the emotion on the fan’s faces showed that WrestleMania 35 was certainly a special night.

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While the fans could be heard getting tired due to simply how long the show is, they continued to cheer loudly when it mattered most. Incredible fan-favorite Finn Bálor would also capture gold in this one, and he would bring out “The Demon” to do so. He would win back his Intercontinental Championship to the glee of the fans with a huge powerbomb and Coup de Grace finish. Giving the fans “The Demon” in the first place shows how much WWE wanted to please the fans last night, as this marked the first time the alter ego of Finn Bálor would make his grand entrance at WrestleMania.

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And finally, the Main Event. Ronda Rousey. Charlotte Flair. And the fans true chosen one, “The Man” Becky Lynch. Winner Takes All. Despite this match not starting until 12 am EST, the fans still showed up as they rooted for Becky Lynch after months and months of her ups and downs leading to her finally getting to the main event of the show of shows. Did fans fully believe this was Becky’s moment? Sure, but there had to be some doubt in their mind as Charlotte and Ronda were not even slightly counted out. Corey Graves would even remind the fans of the records and milestones that Charlotte has set for years now, which made it extremely plausible we could see it again. But the company continued giving the fans what they wanted in the best way possible of sending them home happy. Becky Lynch would roll up Ronda Rousey following a rough hitting match between the three women to win both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships and the crowd would somehow once again have the energy to rise up and cheer. The Becky Lynch story finally culminated at WrestleMania, and the fans let her know and the WWE know through their cheers that this was all they wanted.

Fans should never get used to getting what they want when it comes to pro wrestling because there is a story to every reign and what not. However, last night was a perfect night all together as the deserving challengers took home their championships to the sheer enjoyment of the fans watching. It was a feel-good WrestleMania following years of duds and upset fans. It was certainly an experience for the fans in the building and the fans watching at home, as WrestleMania was the perfect culmination for many fans and their favorite performers.

Please make sure to check back tomorrow as the special “Raw After Mania” happens TONIGHT and you will not want to miss those highlights. Can the WWE keep giving fans the feel good and simply awesome moments after WrestleMania? We will see.

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