Big E Makes Statement on Hulk Hogan: “Everyone Deserves a Path to Redemption”

Photos: WWE

It’s been one of the biggest controversies in pro wrestling over the past few years, as WWE and WCW Legend Hulk Hogan was videotaped saying controversial statements, including his use of a racial slur when describing a potential African-American date for his daughter Brooke Hogan. Since then, Hogan was released from WWE, scrubbed from their history books, and removed from the WWE Hall of Fame (although he’s been recently re-instated and rehired). It’s been a melting point for many, who say that it’s the ultimate pinpoint of wrestling’s racist past, while others have stated it was merely a man being recorded at the lowest point of his career (he’d recently divorced and lost his fortune to his ex-wife and had admittedly turned to drugs and substance abuse). While many of his past peers of African-American descent, including Kamala, Virgil, Mark Henry, Booker T, and The Rock came to Hogan’s defense (not over his use of the word, but of his character before the incident), many of today’s more modern African-American wrestlers, led by New Day and Titus O’Neil wanted more from the Hulkster.

Big E Makes Statement on Hulk Hogan

Photo: WWE

It appears that the road to forgiveness finally began for the WWE locker room this weekend when Big E posted a Tweet to commend Hogan for taking the time to sit down with him and discuss the situation. Big E praised Hogan for “taking the time to apologize” and to hear Big E’s own personal concerns and stated that “everyone deserves a path to redemption”.

While there’s no denying that the situation was one that had to be dealt with, it would appear that Hogan is still indeed trying to rectify his terrible mistake and work on bettering himself, and it appears that some of his strongest detractors in the WWE locker room are starting to warm up to the idea of finally forgiving the WWE Hall of Fame Legend and allowing him to re-enter the WWE Universe a better man.


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