Match Point: A-Kid vs. Will Ospreay (3/30/19)

Triple W, Spain’s hottest promotion, will have this Saturday a match-made-in-heaven. A-Kid, the ace of Spain, will face the NEVER Openweight Champion, Will Ospreay. The match is scheduled for WhiteWolf Wrestling Total Rumble 9.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last months, Anonymous Kid or A-Kid is the youngster from Spain that was awarded a 5-star match by Dave Meltzer when he faced Zack Sabre Jr. in Total Rumble 8. A-Kid’s skills started to wow everybody in the United Kingdom, especially in promotions like Revolution Pro Wrestling. He has a solid footing on the basics of pro wrestling while at the same time an extraordinary highflyer. He and Carlos Romo have taken the indie scene by storm. Companies like Over the Top (OTT) Wrestling and even Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) are bringing him to their lines.

A-Kid is no stranger to big indie star coming to his territory. The first ever high-profile opponent that he ever faced was WWE superstar Ricochet. At that time, when Triple W was a simple wrestling school with free admission, everybody from Spain filled the Madrid stadium to see Kid against the former NXT North American champion. Later, last year, he had a classic with Zack Sabre Jr. that proved he could hang with the best of the best.

Now, he’s facing arguably one of the best international wrestlers in the world and arguably the best highflyer in the game. While Ospreay is adapting into a more heavyweight style, it is still prevalent that he’s a threat in the sky. The NEVER Openweight Champion has delivered classics with the likes of Walter, Kota Ibushi and former A-Kid opponent, Ricochet.

Will Ospreay
Credit: NJPW

Ospreay vs. A-Kid will be a marvelous highspeed and breathtaking match. Both men know their way into the ropes and outside the ring. They are both agile but can hit hard when put into a bad corner. A-Kid must put all of his strengths in trying to combat Ospreay newly aggressive style. While Ospreay must invocate his innovative highflying arsenal to counter-attack A-Kid.

Triple W Total Rumble 9 takes place this Saturday (3/30) and can be watched through Power Slam TV. This is Triple W second paid show, the previous one was sold-out and this one looks to repeat that.