Preview: Espíritu Pro Wrestling Don’t Hurt Someone That You Can’t Kill Later (3/30)

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Mike Mendoza‘s wrestling school prepares this Saturday to deliver their first show ever, Don’t Hurt Someone That You Can’t Kill Later. Espíritu Pro Wrestling will invoke a similar style as the Young Lions of New Japan Pro Wrestling for their debut show.

Espíritu Pro Wrestling was started almost a year ago by Puerto Rican wrestler Mike Mendoza. The company brings together martial arts, strong style, and some European styles. The main theme for Espíritu is legitimacy. They want athletes to compete in a ring, not pretend wrestlers.  The new wave of talent has some background in Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and freestyle wrestling.

Mike Mendoza vs. Justin Dynamite 

Photo: Espiritu Pro

The company could have gone with all of their young guys, but, as we will see, veterans will guide this young class. The first announcement was a big one, Mike Mendoza vs. Justin Dynamite. The latter is the former Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) Heavyweight Champion but vacated the title. Dynamite was heralded as one of the most promising stars on the island but decided to leave CWA when problems started to arise. Dynamite is arguably the best highflyer in the island and his style will contrast with Mike Mendoza’s hard-hitting strong style.

BJ vs. Dustin Drake 

Photo: Espiritu Pro

Another well-known name was the WWL Heavyweight Champion, BJ. The best heel in the island and the money-maker for WWL will face one of Espíritu’s young guys, Dustin Drake.  The youngster will have a tough night against one of the best wrestlers on the island and the main champion of the best wrestling company in Puerto Rico.

Mark Davidson vs. Andres Avila 

Photo: Espiritu Pro

Mark Davidson is another big name. He’s the WWL Cruiserweight Champion and now challenging for the WWL Americas Championship. He previously was a prospect of Star Roger’s school, but now sits on the opposite side, as an established wrestler in the island. He’s facing another youngster, Andres Avila.

Samuel Olmo vs. Manu 

Photo: Espiritu Pro

Samuel Olmo has represented Puerto Rico in Karate competitions and is one of the most promising guys from the Dojo. Against him is Manu, a former freestyle wrestler and that has competed at a collegiate level. Manu is a growing project that in the future will surely become a powerhouse in Puerto Rican wrestling. This match is the most interesting match of the night.

Other matches

El Gentil who just debuted with WWL and brings a similar style to those of European chain wrestling will go against Espíritu prospect Edward Torres.

Raeven Marie a great prospect, part of Afa’s (Wild Samoan) WXW wrestling school will take on Yaide Lopez. The latter debuted recently for WWL.