More Than The Man: Becky Lynch Helps Fan Who Had Seizure

For as much as been made as to the counter authority persona that Becky Lynch has demonstrated on her way to WrestleMania, there is a real conscious and caring person that goes above and beyond that. At a recent autograph signing, fans were witness to Becky Lynch proving that she is more than just “The Man” but someone that has a heart of gold. Often times when faced with a crisis, panic can tend to take over making a difficult situation even that much more of a challenge. So when a fan attending the World of Wheels show where former two-time Smackdown Women’s champion Becky Lynch was signing autographs suffered a seizure, the former champion didn’t hesitate to jump to action to solve the medical emergency.

As explained by onlookers the fan couldn’t make it up the stairs while in line to meet the Lasskicker when she collapsed. In the process, she began to suffer a seizure as it happening. The events while likely scary to witness by those in attendance did in no way prevent Lynch from going above and beyond the call of duty. In act nothing short of what a first responder would do, Lynch left all character traits and bickering with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair at the door when she came to the aid of this fan.

While these instances may take place at these autograph signings it isn’t typical for the talent to be an active part of these particular instances. During these events, it is common for medical aid is on hand to assist fans if such an incident takes place. In the case of Becky Lynch, it had nothing to do with allowing medical staff provide aid but rather having her be there to give back to someone that was just as committed to seeing Lynch as it was for Lynch to be greeted by them. Lynch proved she isn’t just the man but she’s likely a hero as well.