Mike Mendoza Account That Racially Insulted Tama Tonga is a Fake Account

Mike Mendoza and Tama Tonga with Twitter Logo
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As reported by WrestleZone on Thursday night, an account claiming to belong to Puerto Rican wrestling indie star Mike Mendoza called Tama Tonga a “sand n***r”. Many of our readers in Last Word on Pro Wrestling recognize Mendoza as the grandson of Salvadorian wrestling legend El Vickingo and a regular of World Wrestling League. Mendoza wrestles for the number one promotion in the island and has his own wrestling school, ESPIRITU Pro Wrestling. Mendoza has taken to his Facebook to deny the allegations.

Translated, Mendoza stated that “this is something absurd, I don’t even have a tweeter (sic). That’s a fake account! I would never have any kind of confrontation with anyone on social networks. The one who knows me knows…” WrestleZone also reported that he “hurt his chances with any major company”. It should be noted some facts about this situation.

While WretleZone, Cory Graves and many have been quick to accuse Mendoza (who is unaware of the situation because he doesn’t even have the Twitter app in his phone), we took the task to ask his family and colleagues. Unanimously, everybody stated that this was a fake account, noting that Mendoza is the least technological wrestler between them. Moreover, many mentioned to us that his Facebook account wasn’t handled by him either and that he’s very shy towards social media. The only personal account that he has is on Instagram.

Mike Mendoza has never opened a Twitter account. Mendoza, as many Puerto Ricans wrestlers, rarely use the social media platform. As many have noticed, the tweets and account were deleted. Once again, Mendoza who has never had a Twitter account wouldn’t know how to even react or delete his account in such a way. Moreover, fans need to take notice of the insult. While “sand n****r” is a hurtful slur, is not a common slur in the island. Mendoza, who barely speaks English (which is the majority in the island), wouldn’t know what that slur means or how to use it. Another point, Mendoza said something about wrestling on Sunday. That show is Mucha Lucha Atlanta, a show in which Tama Tonga is not booked.

If Mendoza is who the tweet claims to be, then other examples of racial attacks in his past have yet to emerge. In his 10 year career, Mendoza hasn’t had a racially charged incident. The only thing you can find is him and his Anexión buddies throwing insults at fans on MLA.