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ESPIRITU: Meet The Dojo and the Future of Wrestling in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican wrestling scene seems to have a steady recovery. Businesses are putting money in new companies like World Warriors Wrestling (WWW) and IWA PR. Moreover, World Wrestling League seems to be the best option for wrestling in the Caribbean. In midst of all of this moves, fans wonder who’s the next big star to make waves in the island. Angel Fashion and Mike Mendoza seem to be the no-brainers right now, with their WWL feud becoming the best story right now in wrestling (in PR). And the latter has been working on a project that could bring more stars like him to the scene. That project is known as ESPIRITU Pro Wrestling.

ESPIRITU – Spirit in Spanish – is a wrestling school started by Mendoza himself back in 2018. The Dojo was an answer of the fallen wrestling school of his grandfather, El Vikingo. The Salvadorian wrestling legend produced many stars in the island, but, sold his iconic gym and close the doors of his wrestling school.

Mendoza brings fresh new air to wrestling and to trainees. He was a freestyle wrestler and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s been chosen by companies like World Wrestling Council and World Wrestling League as the face of the future and has even had a tryout for WWE. At his Dojo, trainees are taught the basics and modern style wrestling.

One of the many criticisms of wrestling in Puerto Rico is how outdated it is. Many of the head trainers are veterans stuck in the 1980s. At the same time, other schools that try to teach modern wrestling lack legitimacy or the right mentality. No wrestling school has found a better balance that ESPIRITU Pro Wrestling Dojo. One of their unorthodox characters and trainees, El Gentil, has been making waves in the indie wrestling scene and will son debut for WWL.

Photo: Espiritu

Now, March 30, the Dojo prepares to showcase their new crop. Mike Mendoza will headline the first ESPIRITU Pro Wrestling show against the former CWA Champion, Justin Dynamite. To say that this is a big match is an understatement. Both are regarded as a big part of the new seed of wrestling on the island. Dynamite was the face of CWA, while Mike Mendoza is becoming the face of WWL, the number one promotion in the Caribbean. The show is named appropriately and with a unique twist, never before seen on the island, “Don’t Hurt Someone You Can’t Kill Later”. The company tries more realistic and puro-base wrestling to the island’s wrestling scene.


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