Top 50 FREE Women’s Matches of 2018 (Part 1)

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The 2019 Royal Rumble is upon us this Sunday! To hype it up, WWE recently posted its first-ever women’s royal rumble match, in full, on YouTube. Unfortunately, despite 2018 being an excellent year for women in WWE, the match has little company. Only three of WWE’s 2018 women’s matches can currently be watched for free. However, wrestling fans might be surprised by just how many great women’s matches from other companies are also available for free right now. It’s my hope that in listing what I feel is the best of last year, readers will find more matches that they like. If you do, please consider supporting the wrestlers and promotions responsible for them!

50. Elita vs. Mephisto, Northern Storm Wrestling Cross Factor 2 (6/23/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Hard hitting action and weapons

Best Moment: Elita suplexing Mephisto from the apron onto the floor

My Rating: ****

49. Alexia Nicole vs. Allysin Kay (Strap Match), Greektown Pro Wrestling XI: Dreamers (9/23/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A unique stipulation

Best Moment: The creative, suspenseful finishing sequence

My Rating: ****

48. Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani (Mask vs. Hair Match), AAA Triplemania XXVI (8/25/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Mayhem, brutality, and seeing a babyface battle against the odds

Best Moment: A tremendous nearfall after one of the wrestlers hits a big move

My Rating: ****

47. Makoto vs. Riho, King of Pro Wrestling KOPW 2 (8/18/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Watching a flurry of moves

Best Moment: A jumping knee, a spear, a wheelbarrow victory roll, and a double foot stomp… all in about 5 seconds.

My Rating: ****

46. Emi Sakura vs. Riho, King of Pro Wrestling KOPW 1 (3/17/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: High-flying offense

Best Moment: Riho’s huge cross-body dive to the outside

My Rating: ****

45. Emi Sakura vs. Kanji, 3 Count Wresting Revival (10/12/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A well-paced match with a big climax

Best Moment: Kanji hulking up after being hit in the chest one too many times

My Rating: ****

44. Lana Austin vs. Millie McKenzie, Defiant Road to Destruction (5/28/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Suplexes and other technical power moves

Best Moment: Millie countering Lana’s discus clothesline into a cutter

My Rating: ****

43. Jokey vs. Lana Austin, Fierce Females Lass Wars: We’re All Equal (2/4/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A flurry of offense

Best Moment: Lana accidentally hitting the ref, and then using him to set up a move

My Rating: ****

42. Karen Q vs. Savannah Evans, Battle Club Pro May the Queen Reign (5/25/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A classic babyface vs. heel dynamic

Best Moment: Savannah hitting a nasty spike DDT on Karen

My Rating: ****

41. Ivelisse vs. Sonya Strong, House of Glory Beware the Fury (2/3/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: 2 great wrestlers using their full arsenals (strikes, submissions, power moves, reversals)

Best Moment: The opening minute where Sonya and Ivelisse skillfully parry each other’s every move

My Rating: ****

40. AQA vs. Hyan, Reality of Wrestling Episode 213 Collision Course (5/12/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A hot crowd, and a classic babyface vs. heel dynamic

Best Moment: A great nearfall after one of the wrestlers hits a big move

My Rating: ****

39. Jordynne Grace vs. Samantha Heights, Battle Club Pro Bash in the Bronx (7/21/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Power moves, and a story of resilience

Best Moment: Jordynne pouncing Samantha into a turnbuckle

My Rating: ****

38. Allie Recks vs. Christina Marie, Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling Nevermore (3/17/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A contrast in styles (speed and athleticism vs. raw power)

Best Moment: A reversal of tactics, as Christina whips out a back handspring and Allie counters with a spear

My Rating: ****

37. Kiera Hogan vs. Su Yung (Falls Count Anywhere Match), Reality of Wrestling Ladies Night Out (2/17/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A brutal, hard hitting matchup

Best Moment: Su knocking Kiera through a guardrail

My Rating: ****

36. Ashley Vox, Kris Stadtlander, and Riley Shepard vs. Jenny Rose, Stella Grey, and Tenille Dashwood, Ring of Honor (9/12/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Non-stop action from all six competitors

Best Moment: Tenille going beast-mode after getting the hot tag

My Rating: ****

35. Hyan vs. Jordynne Grace, Reality of Wrestling Ladies Night Out 3 (8/18/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Ring psychology from limb isolation

Best Moment: Jordynne powering through pain to hit her signature clubbing blows

My Rating: ****

34. Addy Starr, Emi Sakura, Laura Di Matteo, and Rhia O’Reilly vs. Blue Nikita, Charli Evans, Jamie Hayter, and Jayla Dark (War Games Match) EVE WrestleQueendom (5/5/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Spots and fast-paced action

Best Moment: Jayla Dark’s big dive from the cage, taking out almost everyone

My Rating: ****

33. HZK vs. Mayu Iwatani, Ring of Honor/Stardom Women of Honor Championship Tournament Round 1 (2/24/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Passion, high flying offense, and hard strikes

Best Moment: A picture perfect finisher to close the match

My Rating: ****

32. Angelina Love vs. Tenille Dashwood, IMPACT/Wrestle Pro Brace for IMPACT (2/3/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A great narrative encouraging you to root for someone

Best Moment: Angelina deftly countering Tenille’s top rope move into a flatliner-submission combo

My Rating: ****

31. Jessicka Havok vs. Sonya Strong, House of Glory Temperature Rising (6/9/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: A hoss fight

Best Moment: Sonya’s dodge, sending Jessicka crashing into the guardrail

My Rating: ****

30. Charlie Morgan vs. Sammii Jayne, EVE WrestleQueendom (5/5/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: VERY high risk offense, hard hitting action, and a white hot crowd

Best Moment: A finish that somehow manages to top the preceding chaos

My Rating: ****

29. Ayesha Raymond vs. Katey Harvey vs. Valkyrie vs. Wesna, German Wrestling Federation Mystery Mayhem (5/5/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Constant back and forth action that keeps you guessing about who’s going to win

Best Moment: Valkyrie’s huge diving crossbody to take out all three opponents

My Rating: ****

28. Miyu Yamashita vs. Reika Saiki, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (1/4/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Big kicks, passionate wrestling, fast kicks, technical prowess, strong kicks, a layered redemption story, and even more kicks

Best Moment: Miyu turning a spinning back heel kick into a headlock submission

My Rating: ****

27. Kasey Owens vs. Lana Austin, Futureshock Wrestling Underground 25 (2/17/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: The story of a babyface up against overwhelming odds

Best Moment: The suspenseful and exciting finish

My Rating: ****

26. Harlow O’Hara vs. Jessicka Havok, Battle Club Pro May the Queen Reign (5/5/2018)

Watch This Match If You Like: Hard hits, brawling outside of the ring, and weapons

Best Moment: Harlow powerbombing Jessicka onto two chairs

My Rating: **** 1/4

Let me know what you think of this list so far. What did you like? What’s missing? And stay tuned for the second half of this list, where I’ll be posting the top 25 FREE women’s matches of 2018!