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Jake Hager (formerly Jack Swagger) Successful In MMA Debut

Former WWE superstar Jack Swagger, whose real name is Jake Hager, made his Mixed Martial Arts debut tonight at Bellator 214 on the Paramount Network. Hager, who currently still professionally wrestles on the independent scene has been training for his opponent J.W. Kiser, a fighter built at 6’0, weighing in at 220 pounds with a 0-1-0 record. Jake Hager, built at 6’7, weighing in at 254 pounds, already came into the fight with a tremendous amateur wrestling career with having 30 pins in one season and being an All American out of the state of Oklahoma. Hager had been training with UFC Ultimate Fighter alumni, Josh Rafferty to help prepare him for the fight as well as Rob Radford, his boxing coach, and Rich Franklin.

Photo: Bellator

Hager was scheduled to be the third fight on the card and came in with a version of his WWE theme which began with “WE, THE PEOPLE”, and performed live by WWE Superstar R-Truth, coming in with a Blue Blazer Orange pants and white sneakers. Hager came out with a “WE THE PEOPLE” shirt. The commentating team put over Hager coming out from the wrestling city, Perry, OK, and it being the home of Danny Hodge and how legendary Hodge was.

Round 1 began as the two fighters tapped each others gloves. Kiser quickly landed a right hand to Hager when immediately Hager held Kiser and dropped Kiser to the mat. Hager attempting a Kimura Lock on Kiser, was close to tapping Kiser out but soon after broke Kiser down with impactful elbows right to the middle of the forehead. This would set Hager up for a front choke on Kiser and having Kiser tap out. Hager won in the first round with 2:51 minutes left on the clock.




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