Pro Wrestling: EVE: What to Expect During March 2022


Pro Wrestling: EVE is firmly back into the swing of putting on fantastic shows in March. EVE hosts two shows a month on consecutive days. Here, we bring you a guide to the shows set to take place next month and to attend an EVE show in 2022. Pro Wrestling: EVE This March When’s The […] READ MORE

Potential Signees for NXT UK Women’s Division


We take a look at potential female signees for NXT UK’s women’s division based on independent performers who have been featured on the brand recently. Over the past year, NXT UK has made a noticeable improvement in how it has presented its women’s division.  This has been sparked by the marquee signings of Meiko Satomura […] READ MORE

Preview: EVE – WrestleQueendom 3 (1/11/20)

Pro Wrestling EVE runs one of the biggest events of their calendar as they present WrestleQueendom 3.  Featuring a slew of EVE’s best stars as well as Session Moth Martina and Zoe Lucas returning from their recent Stardom tours, Maki Itoh and Yuka Sakazaki making their EVE debuts and the history-making Nor Diana, the world’s first hijab […] READ MORE

Defiant No Regrets Rumble 2019: Who Entered?


Defiant Wrestling returned to the Manchester Academy this past Saturday night for No Regrets 2019, featuring three huge championship match as well as the third annual No Regrets Rumble Match. With that match determining who would go on to face Rampage at Built to Destroy for the World Championship, let’s take a closer look at […] READ MORE

Top 50 FREE Women’s Matches of 2018 (Part 1)


The 2019 Royal Rumble is upon us this Sunday! To hype it up, WWE recently posted its first-ever women’s royal rumble match, in full, on YouTube. Unfortunately, despite 2018 being an excellent year for women in WWE, the match has little company. Only three of WWE’s 2018 women’s matches can currently be watched for free. […] READ MORE

20 Best Matches Of The Month: May Edition


There was so much wrestling in the month of May, an extra week of events are still being released now. From NJPW Dontaku, RevPro Live At The Cockpit, Lucha Forever, EVOLVE and a WWE and NXT Special, there was no shortage of live events. NJPW’s Best Of The Super Juniors and PROGRESS‘ Super Strong Style […] READ MORE