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Potential Signees for NXT UK Women’s Division

We take a look at potential female signees for NXT UK’s women’s division based on independent performers who have been featured on the brand recently. Over the past year, NXT UK has made a noticeable improvement in how it has presented its women’s division. 

This has been sparked by the marquee signings of Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport (FKA Bea Priestley), plus Emilia Mc Kenzie’s return. Stevie Turner and Aleah James have also had impressive starts to their tenure with NXT UK and seem on track to become stars on the brand. On top of this, longstanding performers such as Jinny, Isla Dawn, and Dani Luna have been provided with more time to shine and better narratives. On a whole, NXT UK seems like it could be the best place for female talent under the WWE umbrella. 

During the recent NXT UK tapings, a few women got their first chance to shine in the BT Sport Studios. Here, we look at these women and assess the chance of them signing full time with NXT UK.

Potential Signees for NXT UK Women’s Division

Angel Hayze 

Defeated Isla Dawn via disqualification in 02:17 on NXT UK (11/04/21) 

Lost to Jinny in 02:37 on NXT UK (11/26/21)

Who is she? Angel Hayze is a 20-year-old performer from Glasgow, Scotland. She is the current ICW Women’s Champion. She made her debut for both ICW and Pro Wrestling EVE in 2019 and has been a mainstay for both promotions ever since. She has more than 20 matches already on the WWE Network as part of ICW Fight Club. 

Hayze on NXT UK: Hayze is the only person on this list to have recorded a victory in her debut match for NXT UK. It came after Isla Dawn was disqualified in their match for refusing to stop pulling Hayze’s hair. This was part of Dawn’s ongoing storyline to collect trinkets from her opponents. 

Hayze also returned to face Jinny in a losing effort that lasted 02:37. 

Will we see her again: At just 20, a win on her NXT UK record and two matches in succession. It seems highly likely that Hayze will be given another match on TV.  

Myla Grace 

Lost to Amale in 03:49 on NXT UK (10/28/21)

Who is she? Based in Dublin, Ireland, Myla Grace got her start in the business in 2018 with Pro Wrestling Ulster. She has since performed for Fierce Females, Over The Top, and Catch Pro-Wrestling.

Grace on NXT UK: When Grace was pitted against Amale, all fingers pointed to a squash. Amale had spent a month off TV after coming up short in her rivalry with Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie. This was her first match back and part of her rebuild.

But Grace was anything but cannon fodder. She got in some decent offense, displaying her high-flying, speed, and stiff kicks. The match also involved an interruption by Blair Davenport.  

 Will we see her again? Perhaps. If Davenport and Amale are set to enter into a feud, it could make sense for Davenport to tangle with Grace before the two meet. 


Lizzy Evo

Lost to Emilia McKenzie in a dark match at the NXT UK tapings on 10/07/21

Who is she? “Liver Bird” Lizzy Evo started training at just 13 after being handed a leaflet for wrestling training at a WWE Live show. Just four years later, she was wrestling at Pontins holiday camps. Now 23, she has also wrestled for Stardom in Japan and PROGRESS. Evo has also held titles at Defiant, Catch Pro, TNT Extreme, and Preston City. Her matches for PROGRESS against Raven Creed and Alexxis Falcon are available on the WWE Network.

Evo on NXT UK: Evo competed in a dark match against Emilia McKenzie. McKenzie got the win but Evo managed to get herself over as a heel extremely quickly. 

Will we see her again? After her instant connection with the fans, another match that makes it to TV seems earned.

Laura Di Matteo

Lost to Nina Samuels 06:10 on NXT UK (07/22/21)
Lost to Blair Davenport in 03:14 on NXT UK (07/08/21
Lost to Stevie Turner in 04:14 on NXT UK (06/24/21)

Who is she? Di Matteo is the most experienced women on this list, having made her debut in 2015. She has been a constant performer for PROGRESS and Pro Wrestling EVE throughout her career. Di Matteo is one of the most popular stars on the British independent scene and it is passionately supported by the LGBTQ+ community. Born in Rome, she has held titles in mainland Europe. These include the German Wrestling Federation and Moscow-based Independent Wrestling Federation’s Women’s titles. There’s lots of Di Matteo on the WWE Network from her time in PROGRESS.

Di Matteo on NXT UK: Di Matteo made three appearances over the summer on NXT UK. Although all losing efforts, she did amount a decent amount of ring time. Her final match was against Nina Samuels and lasted almost 7 minutes. This is much more than the average of about 2-3 minutes that most unsigned wrestlers’ matches last.

Will we see her again? With Di Matteo having worked extensively for PROGRESS – whose former owners work for NXT UK – you would imagine she’ll never be too far from their minds. Simply put, she’s too good to simply work enhancement matches. You’d imagine the next time we see her, Di Matteo will be an official member of the NXT UK roster.

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