Pentagon Jr. to Wrestle “Cinder Block Attacker” Angel O Demonio

Mexican favorite Pentagon Jr. will wrestle Angel o Demonio, the man that almost killed Puerto Rican wrestler El Cuervo with a cinder block. Más Lucha confirmed the news after a Klandestino wrestling show, “After the main event, Penta Zero M challenged Angel o Demonio to a singles match.” In the video, you can see how Angel o Demono tries to throw a cinder block at Penta, a playback of his atrocious incident last November.

Impact Estelar later reported the news in Puerto Rico, which alarmed many fans and wrestlers on the island. Many were outraged that Pentagon Jr. was giving air and work to a guy that threatened the life of El Cuervo de Puerto Rico. The article stated the following note: “What makes this even more serious is the fact that Pentagon Jr was one of the wrestlers who gave support to El Cuervo after the incident. Now the international star will be part of a promotion with the said assailant in what is promoted as a star fight.”

Fans in Mexico were also not happy, and some joked about how awful the decision was. One fan wrote on the Más Lucha post, “Will all due respect, Penta claims that he wrestles with the best, but he wrestles the worse too.” Another fan wrote, “How did he move from wrestling Kenny Omega to this ‘wrestler’?”

Many in the US, Puerto Rico and even Mexico wanted Angel o Demonio cast out of the wrestling business. That didn’t happen. Instead, Demonio had his wrestling license suspended in some states and but not all of them. Some promotions took the opportunity to promote Angel o Demonio with cinder blocks in their flyers and pushing him as the most dangerous wrestler in Mexico. Moreover, Angel o Demonio never really apologized for his actions, and in the majority of his comments, there wasn’t remorse.

Now, Penta is giving the man who almost cost the career and life of one of Puerto Rico’s most promising stars one of his biggest platforms. Penta is top five in exporting lucha libre to the world and lately, alongside his brother Rey Fenix, has been at the center of bidding wars for their services. Is unclear if Pentagon will follow with the match or if he’s going to drop the challenge. At the moment, this seems like a bad move for the Cero Miedo wrestler.

Another curious note on this storm is how some Mexican fans are using the Bruiser Brody murder by the hands of Jose Gonzalez as an excuse to use Angel o Demonio in their shows. As many know, promoters in Puerto Rico kept using Gonzalez and glorified him, even after the fact that he killed a wrestling icon and in the process, the business in Puerto Rico. Fans on the island didn’t care about the perception in Japan and the US, but now, the tables have turned. Now the island is looking to stop a cynical human being from being glorified in his home country.