Puerto Rico Star Cuervo Taken to Hospital Following Extreme Match (VIDEO)

Puerto Rican wrestler Cuervo had to be taken to the nearest hospital after Mexican wrestler Angel o Demonio threw him a concrete block to the back of the head. The moment happened in a Lucha Libre Boom/Lucha Memes/Generación XXI show.

Cuervo Hospitalised Following Incident Incolving Angel o Demonio

Photo: IWRG

Cuervo was on the outside and Angel o Demonio brought the concrete block to the ring. He proceeded to throw the block to Cuervo – who was on the outside – and hit him on the back of the head. The Boricua was unconscious for several minutes and the match had to stop. After the doctor took a look on him, he regained consciousness and was taken to a hospital. Cuervo was put on serum and had got X-Rays of his head to see the severity of his injury. The block hit Cuervo between the parietal and occipital lobe (the brain structure that handles sensory information, spatial sense, and visual inputs). Promoter Hugo Savinovich explained to fans that Cuervo will need surgery and that he was already scheduled to have one that same night.

Angel o Denomio told fans in his Facebook that, “sadly, these things happen”.¬† He later added, “if we count the chair shots to my back…I’ll leave it at this.” Many Mexican wrestling sites and in social media condemned the attack on the Puerto Rican. Many are asking for the Mexican Wrestling Commision to revple Angel o Demonio’s wrestling license.

Cuervo, who is one of the brightest young stars of Puerto Rico, was touring all over Mexico this month. He wrestled in International Wrestling Revolution Group and other indie promotions recently. He wrestlers regularly in extreme rules matches, but can deliver solid singles matches. He previously wrestled of the biggest companies in Puerto Rico, World Wrestling League, World Wrestling Council, and last time around, Championship Wrestling Association. He is best known for his dark persona, extreme matches and his tag team with Mike Mendoza, Juventud Extrema.