Joey Ryan and Bayley Have Non-Sanctioned Barfight in Bar Wrestling

Okay. We’ll admit it. The headline is a tad misleading. But if you follow the kayfabe, it did actually happen. Last night in Los Angeles, California at Bar Wrestling 26: Mistletoe Can Be Deadly If You Eat It, WWE Superstar Bayley stopped by to watch the event. The WWE Superstars are on Christmas vacation, as Bayley wrapped up her Raw commitments on Monday in Sacramento, California.

One person who isn’t cleared to actually wrestle is Bar Wrestling’s owner, Joey Ryan, who is recovering from surgery from a torn pectoral muscle. But in an effort to keep his bookings, he’s resorted to some unusual feats of sportsmanship, including staring contests with Cody Rhodes for the IWGP United States Championship in Australia and his latest endeavor, thumb wrestling matches. So far he’s wrestled Peter Avalon at Bar Wrestling and Blue Meanie for House of Hardcore. But last night at the bar during the show, Joey Ryan approached the former Raw Women’s Champion and NXT Women’s Champion and the two had an impromptu Falls Count Anywhere thumb wrestling match.

No word on who won, or what the WWE feels about such an intense non-sanctioned matchup occurring featuring one of their top Superstars.