Jeff Jarrett Loses Hair to Dr. Wagner Jr. on Heroes Inmortales XII

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Former NWA World Champion and WCW World Champion Jeff Jarrett lost his hair in the main event of AAA‘s Heroes Inmortales XII. Dr. Wagner Jr. took the victory after a series of interferences by Rey Escorpion and Jeff Jarrett’s cheating ways.

Jarrett, Karen, Escorpion, and Demon vs. Wagner & Clown 

The AAA Heroes Inmortales XII show concluded yesterday in a very moving card. AAA Worldwide did a fine job on aligning a long storyline and concluded it on a sensible ending to the Jarrett vs. Wagner feud. The match itself presented everything we expected from a Jeff Jarrett match on AAA. It involved a lot of interfering, a lot of guitar swinging and great heat. The match features the return of Blue Demon Jr. to AAA, who, attacked Rey Escorpion, but later betrayed Dr. Wagner Jr.

At one time in the match, it seemed over for the former 3x AAA Mega Champion, as Jarret had everything going for him. But, Psycho Clown changed everything. He helped Wagner by attacking Demon Jr. and evening the score two vs. two. Wagner then took the guitar and smashed it on Jarrett’s head for the three counts.

Jarrett had the referee shave his head and Dr. Wagner Jr. laughed all the way through it. It was the humiliation that everybody wanted to see. Jarrett, the tortilla thrower, getting his precious hair shaved in front of a hot Puebla, Mexico, crowd.

This is Wagner’s first hair win since he beat Máscara 2000 for his hair on TripleMania. Moreover, this is Wagner’s first win after losing his iconic mask to Psycho Clown on TripleMania XXVI. This is Jarrett’s first loss in a legit lucha de apuestas match. Previously he lost his hair in 1998 against X-Pac, but, in those days, that kind of match was seen as less important than real Mexican hair vs. hair match.