#AndNEW: BJ Wins WWL Heavyweight Championship

In midst of all the controversy surrounding the exit of Mecha Wolf 450 from the World Wrestling League, El Fenómeno BJ won the WWL Heavyweight Championship. The win came after BJ beat rising star Angel Fashion in the main event of WWL Hight Voltage Live! in Villalba.

Originally, the match was supposed to be a Triple Threat match between the then WWL Champion Mecha Wolf 450, Angel Fashion and BJ. 450 vacated the title a day before the match and WWL changed it to a singles match. BJ, who came to WWL two months ago, finished the job in Villaba by beating Angel Fashion in the main event of the night. The win was kept quiet that night because of the Mecha Wolf controversy. But, after a day with the title, it was quickly confirmed that BJ was the new face of the number one company in Puerto Rico.

BJ: The Youngest of the Youngest

The win represents BJ’s fourth major title in the island. He was the second youngest WWC Universal Champion in World Wrestling Council history. Moreover, he is the youngest WWL Heavyweight champion in the company’s history. Before him, Monster Pain was the youngest champion and even Mecha Wolf 450 was close to achieving it on April. BJ was 29 before winning the gold and at midnight, celebrated his 30th birthday as the new face of the main company on the island.

BJ delivers the best promos right now and loves working kayfabe on social media. In the midst of Mecha Wolf’s exit, the newly crowned champion wrote to 450,  “You didn’t miss your flight, you miss the respect of wrestling in Puerto Rico. If you shoot, don’t miss, because I always aim to the head.” BJ brings freshness to the title scene, although everybody loved the Mecha Wolf title reign. With BJ’s win, newer talents could get big chances to challenge for the main title.